With recent technological advancements, home automation has become highly popular all across the world. This automation helps to operate different home appliances with ease and also saves your home a lot on costly energy bills. From electronic gadgets and electrical appliances to entertainment devices and window dressings, everything can be controlled automatically. There are controlling devices, sensors and actuators for operating the automated devices. These days, technology has developed to such an extent that one can use their smartphones to get connected with home automation.

This automation is now available in window treatments as well. Many shades and blinds work on MyLink motorization. This implies that a person no longer has to open or close his window dressing physically. Everything will be done through an automated control, with the help of an app on tablets, laptops or phones. Thus, operating window dressing nowadays takes place directly from your fingertips.

Somfy MyLink Automation

Home automation has made normally tiresome tasks very simple thanks to technologies like Somfy’s MyLink motorization. This automation operates through a simple device which converts tablets and smartphones into remote controls for operating motorized window treatments. MyLink works with voice assistants such as IFTTT, Google Home and Alexa. The MyLink app is intuitive, flexible, simple and easy to operate and install. With a single plug-in device, it communicates with the Wi-Fi network of most homes.

How to set up MyLink motorization app?

MyLink is an automation solution for motorized window treatments that can be set up in a very simple way by following these steps:

🡺    First download MyLink app from the App Store or Google Play Store.


🡺    Plug the device into an outlet close to the motorized window treatment.


🡺    Now, MyLink device will show a red light.


🡺    Open the app and click on “Start New System”.


🡺    Click on “Next” and continue as the steps show.


🡺    Wait until the red light stops blinking. When the blinking stops, MyLink is ready for set up.


🡺    Move to “Network Settings” on the device and setup connection with the MyLink network.


🡺    After searching MyLink tab on the app, select the relevant Wi-Fi network and set the connection accordingly.


🡺    When MyLink joins the preferred network, the light will turn green.

Setting up MyLinkmotorization on your tablet or smartphone is relatively easy. All one has to do is follow the instructions and commands that appear on the app screen. In just a matter of few seconds, your brand new motorized window treatments will be operating smoothly.


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