Solar screen shades have become a popular choice for modern homes. This shading operates much like the roller shade, meaning that they are cord free and can also be motorized. 

Solar Screen Shades


Different kinds of designs and fabrics are available according to the buyer’s opacity needs. Solar screen shadings are mostly made up of a composition of polyester, vinyl and fiberglass. This fabric composition is essential because it determines how effective the shade will be in reducing heat and glare as well as its ability to provide protection against UV rays. Screen shadings are made in such a way that they can dissipate and absorb 65% to 90% of heat and glare from the sun. 

Distinct Feature 

A distinctive feature of screen shades is that they provide a total view of the outside even when they are closed. On the contrary, in horizontal blinds, when the slats are in the open position, the view of the outside is slightly obstructed. If the blind is lifted, then one can have an unobstructed view of the outside but then will get exposed to the heat and light. This does not happen when using solar blinds. 

Openness Factor

Solar shades come in a wide range of opacities which are referred to as “openness factor.” This openness factor decides the amount of light that will enter through the shade and how much of a view will be visible when the window covering is closed. A low openness factor provides less of an outside view and higher light control. A high openness factor provides lesser light control and  offers a more expansive view of the outdoors. 

When is a solar screen shade ideal for you?

● When there is an East or West facing window but you still want to enjoy a view 

Blackout window coverings are the best choice for East or West facing windows but they completely block the view until they are raised. So, to block direct sunlight while still enjoying a view outside you windows, solar shadings are the perfect solution. 

● When there is furniture close to the windows 

In most rooms, furniture is in close proximity to the windows. UV light damages furniture causing cracking and discoloration. Therefore, to protect furniture near the windows, you should install a window covering like screen shades that can effectively limit the UV exposure in your room. 

● When there is a wide window 

When a window is wide, the weight of its covering becomes a concern. Screen shades, being lightweight, are a perfect choice for wide windows. 

Solar screen shadings should be considered when looking for window treatments that protect your room from the sun’s harmful effects while also providing you with a view outside. Make sure to consider these screen shades when planning your next interior decorating project. 

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