Many students who wish to pursue a legal career after lesson XII apply for the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) for integrated 5-year LLB courses. The first question is how to prepare for CLAT. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the CLAT entrance exam.

Understanding the program and exam model: CLAT model for the degree course:

Steps to prepare CLAT online:
1. Organize some sample documents to learn the exam model and schedule.
2. Start reading a high quality newspaper every day to improve your vocabulary and reading speed.
3. Read a magazine such as CSR or FRONTLINE to report on current GK events.
4. Try preparing other subjects for 3-4 hours.
5. Organize some examples of previous year's documents for CLAT.

To prepare the different sections of CLAT:

Get ready for general knowledge: you may have noticed that GK earns 50 points (25%). It is very important to know GK. Here's how it goes:
1. Read some good newspapers like The Hindu.
2. Sign up for a competition magazine such as Competition Master or CSR.
3. Search the Internet for the latest news.
4. Visit a legal website like CLAT OPUS for the latest legal GK updates.
5. Listen the latest news every day.

Prepare for Legal GK: Legal GK is one of the hardest parts. There is no easy way, but it can help:
1. Read all news about lawsuits and laws.
2. Search the news on the Internet from the right.
3. Think logically when you read messages about how decisions are made by the courts.

Prepare to think: thinking is an easy part. Follow these steps to improve your skills
1. Buy a good book to think about.
2. Practice a lot.
3. Review some sample questions.
4. Solve as many questions as quickly as possible.

Prepare in English: English is an important part. You have to take it seriously.
1. Buy a good book like Wrenn and Martin's High School Grammar.
2. Emphasize grammar and reading.
3. Review some sample questions.
4. Try to increase your reading and writing speed.

Prepare for math: only practice can help you solve this problem.
1. Learn all the algebraic formulas.
2. Work on mathematical topics such as percentage, profit and loss.
3. Avoid using the calculator as this will increase the processing speed.
4. Solve as many examples of exercises as possible.

All tips are mentioned in the above section to crack the CLAT exam. In this situation if you want to explore your skills though CLAT online classes then you can choose online coaching facilities. reputed training centers are now offering online classes. 

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