Many house owners are fascinated with large windows. They like to take pleasure of the outside environment through XL size windows from the comfort of their couch. Now, such long windows certainly look very chic and are also a wonderful gateway to enjoy natural environment. But, what about outside light and glare and privacy? Therefore, you need to dress up these windows in such way that it protects your privacy as well as enhances the beauty of the room. Let us find out some window treatments that will blend well with interior d├ęcor and furnishing of a

Treat Several Windows as a Single Unit

Pair up drapes on the outer edges for treating multiple windows as a single piece. If you want to block light or have privacy without spending much on the fabric, then go for stationary draperies of a little width. You can also install a shade behind the curtains to create a combo style. If you have windows at a height, then motorized shades are the best option. You can easily operate the shade with the help of a remote. Motorized window dressing can also be customized for operating a number of window shades at a time.

Create a Soft Effect

You can hang sheer curtains from ceiling to wall. Sheers are less costly as they do not have any lining. They create a softer look and also do not look bulky. For long windows, using grommets with sheer curtains can be a good idea because grommets help in maintaining tall shape of the curtains.

Try Valance

To have light inside a room without disturbing the great outside view, you can try using valance. If you want to make the window look taller than its height, you should add some more inches to it so that you can mount it close to ceiling. Make sure that the valance covers up shades or blinds. When you are not using the shading, it will not be seen.

Window Scarf

Window scarf draping across an XL size window creates a lightweight and elegant look. The benefit of using this style over valances is it allows sunlight to pass through it. So, it can be used in spaces that need light and a touch of beautification.

These are only a few of the window treatments you can try for uniquely shaped windows. You can also use metal or wood pole with draperies to create an interesting look.


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