With the improved technology the rising market of urgent care, today the face of urgent care has a completely different picture from what it used to be in the last 10 years. In fact, with the increasing demand, the urgent care industry is estimated to hit $26 billion by 2023 where much emphasis is given to the altering healthcare preferences among a diversified patient population.

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Being a profitable area to concentrate for many providers, it still risky as the major concern of a health care provider is the flow of patients’ information. As the process demand of treating the patients as soon as possible, it gives a tough time for in-house health care billers and coders to process efficiently. This is why outsourcing urgent care billing is always the best solution.

FAQ's Section for Urgent Care Billing:

What are The Common Mistakes in Urgent Care Billing Service?

  • Inaccurate billing & coding data
  • Lack of information about the payment rules
  • Skipping of ancillary and other important codes that could have increased the revenue
  • Lack of continuous follow-ups on the claims
  • Being unaware of what points of care payers recognize and reimburse

What Documentation Standards Differ in Urgent Care Services from Primary Care?

Urgent care services require ROS and past medical history immediately like when you opt for emergency room service.  In fact, filling out the ROS checklist online will only speed up the services but won’t be able to optimize reimbursements if ROS and PMX are not included.

Why Outsourcing Urgent Care Services are Useful?

  • Helping with year-round billing needs, outsourcing company eliminates all software installation fees, the training cost saving a lot of your time and money; it also helps your staff with more time to engage in core activities like patient care.
  • Outsourcing your urgent care services helps with the better collection due to their continuous follow-p capability, robust reporting and stringent check in the billing and coding process.
  •  Outsourcing reduces the risk of billing and coding errors, making the billing process seamless, it also helps in reducing the rate of billing and coding errors with assured more collections.  


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