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The main goal of EHR software is not only to assist in managing the health records of patients but also to understand their workflow and to simplify their common procedure.

iPatientCare, Inc. is a modern and efficient EHR with accessibility, better security, technical feasibility and reliability that stands ahead of all its competitors. According to statistics, every third patient in physician's office is suffering from some kind of allergy. These patients have to be treated with continuous treatment. This data is very important for further diagnoses. So handling such large data manually is next to impossible. This is where our Allergy EHR Software kicks in.

Allergy EHR - a viable software solution that helps in:

Setting up auto reminders and alerts.
Provides easy access to the previous reports.
Maintaining the data of relevant medications.
Maintaining the records of the current allergy test and previous ones.
Assisting in charge capturing and billing procedures.
iPatientCare's Allergy EHR provides other smart features templates that simplifies practitioners process in treating patients and managing their records. Few of them are:

Allergy Shot - Allergy EHR offers flexibility to capture and maintain distinct allergy shots details like: Documentation on pre and post injection reaction, warnings for expired vitals, reminders for future, access to previous skin test, auto charge capturing, automated patient shot schedules, documenting local and any associated symptoms with customizable templates.
Asthma Control Test - Holds the test report of a patient, which can be used further in treating the patient and in providing medical prescription. Allergy Master Module - This is customized and it provides the physicians flexibility to introduce new allergy type.

Patch Test - Consists of templates that help in diagnosing the exact type and reason for skin allergy.
Skin Test - Permits you to document the skin test result and define its antigens, allergens and diluents from a single screen. It also defines custom panels, auto captures functionality for CPT code, and customization vial mix option. Spirometer - This device allows an easy capture of spirometer results. The test results will automatically get updated within patient's chart. It can compare test results with trending feature to view patient progress from the EHR.

The vial mix shows the present dose, mix type, schedule, frequency, expiry date for vial, indicate expiry vial and maintain dosage. It also has a functionality to set flag as a reminder for urgent or future allergy shots that can route internally.

With configurable solution designed to improve office workflow and productivity, iPatientCare, Inc. Allergy EHR reduces work load of the immunologists and helps them to attend every patient with ease. Last but not least it helps front desk in managing the appointments and re-appointments. It can quickly generate charge reports and facilitates accurate billing procedures.

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