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The reaction of body's immune system to the harmless substances is known as allergy. Nausea, asthma and hives are some of the common causes of allergies. The mild allergies can be controlled using symptomatic treatments.

Anti - histamines are able to help and provide relief to a person suffering from allergies. Although each and every medication should be taken on time, however the allergy medication should be taken before bedtime. It is important to take the medication at a time when it gets properly absorbed in the bloodstream and is able to get highest level of exposure. When you take the allergy medication before sleeping, the medication will circulate completely in the body through the blood stream.

Hay fever becomes worse during the night time and becomes really severe once the patient gets up in the morning. It is because during the morning time the level of histamines which trigger the system are highest. This explains why taking medicine before dinnertime can be helpful for people suffering from allergies. Also, since the anti-histamines are able to reach peak after 8 - 12 hours, dinner time medication is the most preferred option.

How to decide the right time to take allergy medicine?

It is important to understand the right time when the medication needs to be administered. This is important because administering the medication at the right time will help in its proper absorption in the blood stream which will help the patient heal quickly and get rid of any kind of allergy symptoms.

There are few factors that need to be taken into consideration while selecting the right time for medication.

1. Regularity: Regularity explains the number of days a medicine is taken. The allergy medicine should be taken regularly i.e. once or twice daily as prescribed by the doctor.

2. Absorption in the blood stream: The medication needs to be taken at a time when the medicine is properly absorbed by the body. These can be during two times of the day, once before sleeping when the medication gets complete time to get properly absorbed by the bloodstream. The other time is during the morning timing, particularly preferable for children, when the medication is completely absorbed by the system during the day time.

How long does it take for the allergy medication to work?

Different medications have different timings to work on and provide relief to the patient. Similarly, with allergy medications the time to work on varies.

The anti-histamines start working within one to two hours, whereas Leukotriene antagonists and provide relief to the person within two days. Using Cromolyn Sodium which is again used to treat nasal symptoms, starts working within two days. Steroids are also taken for allergies requires eight hours to become effective.

The above article helps explain the right time to take allergy medication and the other factors which should be considered. Although the right time to eat these medicines is during the night time when the medication is completely absorbed in the blood stream.

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