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The process start with a health care provider cleans the area of the skin and surgical mark to outline the skin area to be biopsied. To avoid any pain to discomfort the area so marked is numbed by the local anesthetic. A skin biopsy typically may take 10 to 15 minutes' total, including both pre-and post-biopsy procedure.Different tools and procedures are adopted for skin biopsy depending on the area of the body and medical requirements.

Shave biopsy: In this biopsy, the cut is not so deep and tissues just beneath the skin are taken making a cut with scalpel or a similar medical tool. The selection of tool depends on depth and size of penetration to be made besides part of the body being biopsied. The process result slight bleeding which is checked by applying pressure or with a topical medication considering the status of probable bleeding.Skin biopsy care protects skins for one and all from the harmful chemicals
Punch biopsy or Extensional biopsy: It is different from shave biopsy to the extent that tissues for medical examination are collected by cutting into the top layer of fat beneath the skin. Since the penetration is a bit deep the blood outflow is comparatively more thus to check bleeding and for early cure of wound stitches with dressing is necessitated

Since the biopsy involves cut and penetration in skin resulting bleeding, suitable care is required to avoid its reoccurrence, specifically for those who are on blood thinning medication. Firstly, the bandage over the biopsy site is kept until the next day or as advised by the doctor. In case the bleeding continues, contact your health care provider. Normal hygiene care is to be followed for the biopsy site while it heals. Before dressing the effected portion of skin, it is imperative to clean the hand as well as the biopsy site either with soap or with any other good washing agent.
It is important to dry the skin perfect to avoid any bacterial infection. Adhesive bandage is better to use until the surgeon removes stitches, as it allows skin to ventilate and facilitates early heel up of wound. Try not to undertake any activity that might stretch the skin as it may cause stretching the wound to bleed. Generally wound is completely healed in few weeks As biopsies involve cut on the skin it causes a small scar. In some cases, it may be a prominent and its color also changes initially from pink, then fades to white or sometimes brown, and then fades gradually.

The risk of prominence of scar increases when a biopsy is done on the neck or upper torso. The scar's permanent color will be evident one or two years after the biopsy. Various skin issues have also been fixed with an immediate effect.

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