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Loratadine impurities are generally prescribed to briefly alleviate symptoms of allergies and hay fever. The symptoms which are improved with Loratadine are runny nose, sneezing and itching in eyes, nose or throat. The medication also helps in reducing itchiness and redness which arise due to hives. Loratadine impurities do not treat or prevent allergies or hives but provides temporary relief. It comes under the class of medicines called antihistamines and blocks the reactions of histamine, which crops up allergies in the body. The medication is also offered in combination with pseudoephedrine and you must take it under the guidance of your doctor or pharmacist. The medicine Loratadine is available in tablet, liquid syrup or disintegrating tablet form and is usually prescribed to be taken once a day. It must be taken as directed by the physician and take the prescribed quantity only.

Overdose of the medication causes drowsiness to so take as much quantity as prescribed. If your hives are of different type like bruised, blistered, or of a different color, then you must not take the medicine without doctor's advice. If you have hives and it does not improve in the first three days of starting treatment, then you should visit the doctor and stop taking loratadine. In case you are treating hives with this medication and following symptoms crop up, then you must go to emergency right away. These symptoms are: difficulty in speaking, swallowing, breathing; wheezing; dizziness; drooling; swelling in the mouth or on the tongue or unconsciousness. These symptoms may be life threatening from anaphylaxis so get emergency help immediately.

There are several precautions to be taken before starting the medicine and the first one is to inform the doctor or pharmacist about any medication allergies to loratadine or other medicines. Inform them about other medicines which you are taking like vitamins, supplements or other prescribed medicines, especially cold and allergies. In case you are suffering from asthma, liver disease or kidney problems, you must tell the doctor and he must know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as it may be harmful for the baby. Loratadine in disintegrated form contains aspartame, which should be avoided by patients suffering from Phenylketonuria. The dietary intake is normal during the medicine and if you miss the dose then continue with the next dose, do not take a double dose.

There are several side effects caused by loratadine, which may or may not be severe so inform your doctor about them. These side effects mainly are: dry mouth, headache, sore throat, nose bleeding, nervousness, weakness, stomachache, mouth sores, diarrhea, reddish or itchy eyes. However, some people can face serious side effects like: hives, rashes, itching, swelling, hoarseness, wheezing or difficulty in swallowing or breathing. In these cases stop taking the medication and contact the doctor immediately. If the medicine has been overdosed then rush the patient to the hospital instantaneously for poison treatment. Overdosed patient may experience drowsiness, headache, fast heartbeat or uncommon body movements. Whenever you visit the doctor make sure to keep a list of all the drugs and medicines which you are taking. Loratadine is sold under brand names Agistam, Claritin, Alavert, Clear-Atadine, Dimetapp ND, Tavist and Wal-itin.

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