Helped by the push from the federal government and the health insurers, nearly all telemedicine startups across the US are experiencing a surge in demand amid the pandemic outbreak. The volume of virtual visits has roughly doubled for AI enabled telehealth platform 98point6. Clinic usage virtually at Amwell has increased by 40% above normal in the recent days.

Telehealth waivers are encouraging signs 

Large insurance groups are waiving telemedicine costs and with an effort to increase adoption, the new federal legislations removed restrictions with Medicare covering 100% and paying the same rates of reimbursement as in person visits. All of these clearly points out that telehealth adoptions are only going to increase. According to Forrester Research, there will be more than 1 billion adoptions all across the country.
 For the Medicare beneficiaries, it’s great news as it gives them access to faster care, helping them avoid hospitals and facility visits and staying at the comfort of home. Telehealth services reduce strain on the healthcare system and can be one of the rare winners in what many fear can become a prolonged economic slowdown. Shares of Teladoc are up around by 52% since the start of the year. More people will be exposed to telehealth services and slowly all of us are realizing the value of virtual care.

Medicare pays the same now for telehealth consults 

All of a sudden, we have started realizing the incredible benefits of using telehealth to extend care management possibilities, eliminate demographic barriers, lower down costs and improve the ratio of patient intake. As Medicare will be paying the same rates of reimbursement for telehealth consults as in person visits, providers will be looking for streamlined solutions, helping them reach out to a larger patient base and improve on cumulative wait times. A quality telemedicine services provider will be delivering great value to healthcare facilities in this trying times. Moreover, if you can partner with someone that takes care of billing and collections as well for the telehealth consultations, it will be an added bonus for you as a healthcare provider!


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