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Occurs due to frail bones, ligaments as well as muscles of body. The risk factor for any disease is something which leads to increase in development of a condition in a person.

Some of the major elements which lead to creation of back pain in people such as doing a stressful mental job, sedentary and lazy lifestyle, Increase in age that leads people being more susceptible towards development of back ache, Anxiety, Depression, Obesity and overweight, Excessive smoking, Very hard physical work or labor etc. Human body is an intricate structure composed of complex system with muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons and disks. The human back primarily consist spinal cord which has been cushioned by cartilage like pods in order to provide structure and protect spinal cord from physical shocks.

If any problem arises within these components, then it can lead to happening of back pain. There have been some cases in which doctors have not been able to find concrete cause for back pain. Source of this problem are many such as strain due to over excessive straining of muscles and ligaments, this trouble arises. Also, when people indulge in lifting something improperly or something which is too heavy for their own weight, it leads to this problem.

Not only that, sometimes strain is caused due to muscle spasm or due to excessive pressure caused on the spine. Signs and Symptoms of Back Pain includes a person suffering from a malady. In case of backache, significant symptoms could be an ache or pain in back which may sometimes spread towards the buttocks and legs of a person. Loss in body weight, Elevation of body temperature (Fever), Inflammation of the back, Persistent pain in the back and Pain below the knees. Patients who are drug users or have been taking steroids are at a greater risk of developing back pain. Also, people with low immune system as well as who suffer from cancer can be prone towards developing back pain.

Everyday activities such as bending awkwardly as well as bending down or standing for a long period of time can result in Back Pain. Most of the doctors can diagnose back pain after carrying out a physical examination of the patient. However, in some of the cases, the doctor may recommend some tests in order to determine the disease. X rays are some of the most used means for the diagnosis of back pain. Patients who have causal underlying conditions such as suspected discs, nerve, tendons or other such problems are the ones that need an X ray treatment for the determination of back pain.

CT scans are used widely all over the world by doctors in order to get better view regarding determination of soft tissues in a person. Bone Scan is also used for detecting bone tumors or other causes of compression. Treatment and Drugs for Back Pain includes medication sometimes, the doctors tends to prescribe a dose of NSAID it may contain codeine and Hydrocodone prescription for short period of time under close monitoring of doctors. Physical Therapy uses application of heat, cold and ultrasound, muscle release techniques in order to decrease pain.

Techniques to correct the posture too are introduced under physical therapy. Patients are encouraged to continue with therapy even after they have been treated in order to avoid relapse of the same. Acupuncture too has emerged out as a great treatment. It uses the insertion of needles in some specific parts of the body. This practice encourages body to release its natural painkillers, known as endorphins in order to stimulate the nerve as well as the muscle tissue of the body. Back Pain can be easily treated with different methods and medicines however, timely action is required for same in order to get the best result and quick relief.

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