Air Pollution The Major Cause For Allergy And Asthma - A Long Term Cure BY Homeopathy Treatment

The air quality is deteriorating gradually mostly in urban areas. In urban area the air pollution is a common thing in comparison to the rural air. It is because of the smoke that release from the vehicles, the rising of dust levels, the fumes emerges out from various factories all are making the air polluted. The air quality has been, therefore, an issue of major health problems specifically various respiratory health problems. The most pollutants found in the air include suspended particle, nitrogen dioxide , sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide . The concentration of suspended particle is very high in populated city areas. The various gases and suspended particles coming in contact with sun light create a type of air pollution called SMOG. The particulates found in SMOG are included smoke, dust, sand, various harmful gases, pollen. Those pollutants are the major factor for various respiratory diseases like allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, ARTI etc.

Those who are staying in metro cities even in small cities are constantly getting expose to the air pollution in their daily life. Some peoples have immune sensitive nature and when they come in contact of those air pollutants get the allergic symptoms. The allergic symptoms like repeated sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, itchy nose, red congested eyes are the more common symptoms found in many patient. This is not only frustrating but making the life miserable and hamper the routine schedule of daily work. In office suppose you start sneezing it continues for one after another and creates an embarrassed situation and also disturb the daily work. If this is not treated properly it may lead to bronchial asthma in future.

So when the allergic symptoms start you rush to the doctor for its treatment and used to take some tablet that gives relief of your present symptoms, but for a few hours or days. Again those symptoms reoccur and again you take the same medication and it gives relief. So it becomes a habit to take the medicines on regular basis. If you stop the medicine by chance the symptoms reappear again. The side effects of the medicines make you feel dizzy and lethargic. It makes you dull and reduces your enthusiasm for work. After a few years of this allergic condition you may feel gradually difficulties in breathing. You feel tightness in your chest while breathing. When you visit to doctor it is diagnosed allergic bronchial asthma. Then again you are prescribed some bronchodilator inhaler, for easy breathing and anti allergic medication. The inhaler dose gradually increases after a few months or year.

The whole scenario goes on year after year. The health problem starting at allergy now has been promoted to another health problem of asthma. The treatment what you are taking though giving a short term relief of your symptoms but in some way making you feel not giving a proper cure of the disease. It is not giving a long term solution or permanent cure of your health issues. The advice of the doctor to avoid this thing or that thing which do never practically possible by anybody in this pressure packed life schedule. There is also another option to change the work place. That also not possible and also not a wise advise against your health problem. You have to stay and live in this environment and need such a treatment that can make you healthy out of all the pollution present in the existing environment, because running out from the situation is not the real solution or taking any temporary treatment for also not an actual cure.

You need such a treatment that can cure your allergy condition and asthma condition not for temporary time but for a permanent period living in the same place. This can be achieved by the homeopathy treatment. Because the homeopathy treatment has the ability to gives a permanent cure for your allergic condition by targeting your hyposensitized nature of your immune system to modify it or bring back to the normal functioning state. In the same environment where you stay others are also staying. But they are not getting the allergic problem only you get affected. It is because your body immune system is very sensitive to certain substances or pollutant which create allergic reaction in your body, but not to all. So all the symptoms what are been shown result from your allergic sensitive nature of your immune system. The sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, red eyes are just the symptoms. Those are produced by the reaction process of allergen to your body immune cells. The medicines that target to control the symptoms give the relief as long as the medicine action is there. Because that only affecting to control the symptom in a very mechanical way. But the symptom is not the disease at all but the expression of the disease. So any treatment that suppresses the symptom creates an obstacle to cure the disease. The cure meaning is of a permanent disappearance or non appearance of all symptoms by any treatment living in the same environment. That can achieved if the treatment is targeted the root cause why it is occurring. The root cause is your body immune sensitive nature which is either inherited genetically or the constant exposure to the pollutant has made your immune system hypersensitive. Each one has its own identity in his mental, emotionally and physical level. It has been by birth or developed in the course of time by various stimulants that have caused the immune system to become hypersensitive.

The homeopathy treatment target to modify or improve that hypersensitive nature of immune system so it will not react adversely when do expose to the polluted environment. All persons are not similar by their nature, behaviors, emotional make up , physical make up. Homeopathy treatment is based to study the person as a whole from his emotional make up, nature, physical constitution, then to choose the correct medicine out of the thousands of medicine which is only suitable for that particular person. Then that medicine will hit to improve his hypersensitive immune system to a normal functioning immune system. Therefore every patient of a same disease is a new patient for a homeopathy doctor. It is not like one medicine that has been prescribed for any allergy or asthma patient would give same positive result to another allergy or asthma patient.

Here are 4 important homeopathy medicines for allergy and asthma

Arsenic alb

The arsenic alb patient is very fastidious in nature. He or she is having anxiety nature about the disease. He feels like the disease will end at death and has no treatment. This mindset up makes him restless. But the patient is very fatigue and feels prostrated due to the constant suffering. The grasping breathing has made oxygen deprivation in his body and brain so feels very weak. But his anxiety nature makes him restless but unable to move due to physical prostration. Due to anxiety there is dryness of lips and takes a little water at a time. The most differential diagnosis symptom of arsenic is past history of any sort of skin diseases like eczema or scabies or dermatitis that has been suppressed by external application of any corticosteroid preparation of medication. The allergy symptoms are sneezing one after another with runny and itch nose. The nasal discharge is burning nature. The asthma symptoms are aggravated at night or particularly mid day and midnight. The patient wakes up from bed and sits leaning forward to get relieve.

Calcarea carb

The calcarea carb patient generally fatty, obese nature, but no stamina, there is bulkiness with anemic body. The patient sweats easily. Specially sweats more from head portion. The patient has anxiety and despaired nature about the health. Anger at little things. The patient has delusion of seeing ghost or hideous faces on closing the eyes. The patient has a likeness towards egg and little bit of extra salt. He does not like the milk. Children are dull and difficulties in comprehending. He cannot tolerate heat and sweats easily. There is an allergy and asthma symptom brought on by exposure to draft of cold air. The asthmatic symptoms are associated with dry cough generally in evening and night. There is loose cough in morning. The tonsils are enlarged from allergic condition. Repeated sneezing with runny itchy nose.


The peculiar nature of the sulphur person is making castle in air. In external appearance he is ugly and uncleanness. Does not care about what he puts on whether it turn old and patched, not washed month together. He is busy in his work with any sort invention practically impossible to get anything out of it but busy whole time on that ting. That makes him not to take care of his food so generally sulphur patient are lean and thin. Very prone to any sort of skin disease. There is history of suppression of skin diseases. He/she never like to bath. The asthma tic symptoms are worse in a closed room and night time. There is a feeling of constriction of chest while taking breath. The person wants the open air and hence during acute attack of asthma he opens the window for proper ventilation. He is depressed and despaired about his disease. It is the great anti psoric medicine. It clears the miasmatic blockage and opens up the expression of symptoms. In asthma if the totality of symptoms is indicating sulphur then a single dose is sufficient to cure the case or to open up the case for selection of the similimum.


It is another polycrast remedies best suitable for asthma and allergy. The person is very susceptible to cold and any climate change or cold air exposure that causes allergic or asthma symptoms. If there is family history of asthma or chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, it then well suited remedy. The person or child is dull, not like to do any mental work. He or she is very taciturn, timid in nature. Can not open immediately. Reserve in nature. Always for a desire to change. Want to change place and likes to travel. Want to change the job and a tendency of switching from one job to other. Always change doctor. Crowd of thoughts comes while sleeping. The child when do exposes to cold air get the asthmatic attack. The patient wants open air during the asthmatic attack though it is the triggers factor for asthma. There is dry shaking cough starts immediately after exposure to dry cold air and then the asthmatic symptoms develop.

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