The responsibilities of the nurse in the nursing home will be several to do. The task that they perform will not only include for caring the aged residents but also they take in charge of different things to work with like kids, young one too and who face problems physically.

 Also, they will take care to run the operation smoothly by providing all the things for the doctors. Caring for some older people in a few nursing homes remains more responsibility, especially at residents, that they need medical attention. Similar to other business, this nursing will also have various tasks to do the same as an employee. 

Different kinds of nurses are:

There are primarily three kinds of nurses in the nursing facility they are Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Nurse (RN), and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), also sometimes this Nurse Practitioner (NP). Additionally, an RN they will be done one of the specialized courses under the geriatric care; also they get a certificate which is named as the Gerontological Nurse. To get more information regarding this nurse and various responsibilities that taken by them you can visit Nursing journal.

Based on the course and experience, the position will be provided for them in a nursing homes residents, and some nursing homes will employ all those three nursing kinds and sometimes just for a specific CNA’s or one to two designated nurses. 

Some of the responsibilities of nurses in nursing homes are:

  • They provide care for the patient in the nursing home nurse activities.

  • Also, they collect all the details of the patients and prepare the health records to evaluate for the doctors. 

  • They will provide medicines as well as intravenous fluids over patients with the advice of physicians.

  • Help patients in the laboratory as well as diagnosis tests.

  • They monitor the patient's blood pressure, vital signs, and temperatures at regular periods.

  • Operate oxygen equipment, Spiro meters, as well as other diagnostic devices.

  • They make sure to observe them and report every symptom as well as reactions the specific patients to approach interventions.

  • Help registered nurse, doctor or physician inpatient care performances.

  • Produce quality nursing attention to patients near home and at community producing facilities.

They face several challenges every day that patients when they are unable to talk or communicate or might be aggressive or angry. Their family members will be exhausted the relationships with their patients and with the nursing home staff.

This facility will be short-staffed, yet with all the patient care services must be performed. Also they know regarding the Molecular Medicine which are helpful for the patients very well. To know about Molecular Medicine visit the popular Molecular Medicine Journal to get more information. 

Most of the nurses will take responsibility to do all kinds of the task assigned for them to care for older adults. Usually, the nurse will be assigned to several patients every day. The nurse must monitor the critical signs, change dressings, attend patient care-plan meetings, pass medications, administer enemas, check the status of wounds, oversee nurse aides, and start intravenous (IV) medicines and fluids to that group of patients.

Also, they counsel families; they make them do exercises and provide several other personal health care, based on nursing associate staffing levels.


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