Moving as a single parent is arguably the most difficult type of relocation. Not only do you have to deal with all the hassles that plague every New York City relocation. But, you also have to take care of your kids and make sure that they properly deal with it. Now, dealing with these items is somewhat manageable if you have your spouse helping you out. But, dealing with it on your own will be quite a challenge. So, let's take a look at how to tackle this difficult situation.

Moving preparations

The only way to tackle a New York City relocation as a single parent is to prepare perfectly. As you will soon learn, you will have a mountain of things you have to manage. Especially if you also have to remodel your future home. So, don't expect that you'll be able to whip up this whole relocation in a week or two. In order to tackle packing, dealing with movers, transport your items and take care of your child, you will need to manage your time well.

Finding good movers

The first thing you will need to do is to find good movers to help you out. Without, capable, trustworthy movers, there is simply no way that you'll be able to relocate. So, make sure to start looking for them as soon as you realize that you are going to move. Go online and look for movers that are situated in your area. Most moving companies offer free moving estimates, so make sure that you compare as many companies as possible.

[caption id="attachment_8883" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Calculator and laptop needed for comparing online moving estimates. The more estimates you get the better you will be able to compare movers.[/caption]

Also, remember to check their reviews and testimonials. That way you will able to filter out your movers even better. After that, you should have two or three movers left. With them, you are going to conduct an interview. This will serve to help you better determine who among them is truly suited to help you out. Ask whether they have had similar relocation in their past, as their professional experience can be invaluable.

Organizing your relocation

Once you find the right movers to give you a hand, you will have to organize your relocation. Now, the key thing here will be timing. You probably have a lot of tasks and in order to prepare your child for moving, you are going to have a fair bit more. But, on the other hand, the more flexible you are with timing, the cheaper your relocation can be. So, sit down with your movers and carefully consider your relocation. Ideally, you should move during the winter, as it tends to be the cheapest period to move. But, if your child is in school, you might have to use the summer vacation for moving. Overall, you have a lot of compare and plan, so start as soon as you can.

[caption id="attachment_8884" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A scheduling book on a table. Expect your schedule to be completely full during your New York City relocation.[/caption]


As a single parent, your best bet is to let movers take care of everything. From packing to loading and transporting your items. That way you can commit your time to tackle other relocation issues and taking care of your child. But, if you have some extra time and a couple of friends to help you, you may be able to deal with the packing. If you chose to pack you need to get good quality packing supplies at least two weeks in advance. Start by making an inventory list and sorting out which items you need and which you don't. Remember that the fewer items you have, the easier and cheaper your relocation will be.

Preparing kids for New York City relocation

Keeping your kids well and healthy should be your top priority throughout the relocation. Now, how difficult this will be for you depends on how demanding your child is. The usual determining factor is age. If your child is young, you will probably need help just to take care of them. Meanwhile, if they are older, they will require much less work and more support. A neat trick is to get them a new toy so that it can help with comfort.

Can they help?

If your child is over the age of 5 they should be able to give you a hand with moving preparations. Mind you, they are not going to help you a lot. But, if handled properly, you can use moving as a learning experience. Children learn best when they play. Therefore, if you can present their moving-related tasks as a quest, they will have more fun tackling them. Also, remember to stay patient. Your children will struggle with things that pose no difficulty to you. But, this is no excuse to do it for them. Keep in mind that they are learning and that by doing things for them you are only doing them a disservice. If they can tackle a task, let them. Even if they struggle a fair bit.

Dealing with stress

Having a New York City relocation without stress is impossible. Even with proper movers and ample packing, you are going to worry. So, do what you can to mitigate both your and your children's stress. Start by having a clear timeline and checking it daily. Also, insurance can be very useful when moving, as it will help you not worry about transport. Remember to talk to your children and explain to them what is going on and what to expect. The more they feel involved in the process of moving, the better.

[caption id="attachment_8886" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A mother comforting her child before their New York City relocation. Make sure to keep a close eye on moving-related stress.[/caption]

Staying healthy

Last but not least, you need to stay healthy. If either you or your child gets sick before moving, the whole process will become impossible. So, get enough sleep, eat proper foods and exercise daily. If you are worried about how your child is dealing with moving, don't shy away from visiting a family therapist. Do what you can to keep both you and your children in top physical and mental health.

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