Magento and PrestaShop are both awesome choices when it comes to managing content online. They are both open-source and strong e-commerce stores. They also have strengths and weaknesses and it’s, therefore, crucial to understand how each of them operates so that you can make an informed choice when you decide to build your online store.


On features, very few companies can top Magento not even PrestaShop. It has all the necessary arsenals to arm the user with everything needed to build a powerful online store. However, it doesn’t mean that PrestaShop is lagging on features. They are both head to head in providing users with the best online shopping experience. The platform has hundreds of templates to help you build your online store easily. It also has plenty of payment gateway options for convenience when making online purchases. PrestaShop gives Magento a run for its money when it comes to competition. They both offer basic functionalities of a superb e-commerce store. But, comparing their numbers, Magento takes the day not only on PrestaShop but on any other platform. There, if you are looking for a feature-rich CMS, you will have to go with Magento, but if you want to build your store fast and easy, PrestaShop is the best option.


Due to its massive fan base, Magento development is known to often suffer from performance problems. You will often get complains from both store owners and developers that it’s backed slows down the website. However, the slowness is justified and there are plenty of solutions to counter this setback. PrestaShop, on the other hand, doesn’t slow down your website since it’s not a heavy-duty CMS like Magento. Although there is a misconception about Magento's performance, I must admit that PrestaShop takes the day on providing its users with the best and seamless experience when running e-commerce stores.


We all know how important support is when it comes to running e-commerce stores and both platforms understand this very well. Since these two platforms are open source, support is mostly through documentation and communities. You can always rely on the massive community of users to help you tackle technical or any other issue that you may encounter on both platforms. If this doesn’t help, then you can refer to the documentation on both platforms. However, since Magento is more popular globally, it has a bigger community and you are more likely to get help fast compared to PrestaShop. Also comparing their years of operation, Magento is six years older than PrestaShop which was incepted in 2007. Basing on this fact, we can comfortably declare Magento the winner on providing the best support for its users. PrestaShop also doesn’t have an excellent official support team meaning you will have to depend entirely on its community of users and documentations. Magento, on the other hand, offers official support for their paid plans and you will get help for each problem you may face.


You can count on both platforms to provide the best security for users and customers. Like any other e-commerce store available out there, you don’t need to worry about security since they all have standard security measures put in place to cater to your interest and that of your clients. This doesn’t mean that you sit back and relax as a store owner since there are plenty of security threats and you’ll have to put in extra effort to strengthen your site's security. Due to Magento’s feature-rich nature, it allows you to install plugins to help you secure your website better.

Ease of Use

Frankly speaking, Magento developers have made it the best option for beginners due to its complexities. You will encounter difficulties from installation to running the CMS. Using PrestaShop is relatively easy especially when installing the platform. It doesn’t require any expertise when running it. Magento is not an easy nut to crack even after installation, and you will either need some intermediate knowledge of the product or seek help from a developer to take you through these difficulties. If this is a problem for you, you will have to settle for PrestaShop for a better experience.


The best thing about these platforms is that they are both free making them the best options when you are just starting and operating on a minimum budget. However, like most free stuff, you don’t get what you want. This may not necessarily apply to both platforms but if you want to see want to succeed in any business, you need to put in some considerable amount of money in it. The free versions of both platforms will help you create basic stores. However, both platforms require money to run efficiently. Magento Enterprise Edition is the ultimate e-commerce solution out there that provides the best e-commerce experience.


I trust that you are now well informed about both platforms and you are in a better position to make an informative decision. As you have seen both CMSs give users exemplary experience in running their online stores. However, you will have to choose based on your business needs and requirements. For basic online stores of small or medium size, PrestaShop is the best choice. If you need a store builder that offers numerous features to run and manage your store with ease, then Magento is the platform of choice. Magento e-commerce is the world’s biggest CMS and you will need it if you are merchant wishing to scale your business to higher heights. You can also count on Magento’s professional support in case you run into a technical huddle.

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