Every year millions of large and small businesses get established, but people always struggle to grow and maintain their business to the next level. There could be a number of reasons behind that most of the employers that have established their business and have put so much investment, but often lose the productivity of the business and within a little time getting started with huge loses and stuff like that. Actually, most of the employers usually got employees that waste time within the working hours that ultimately decline business productivity. Moreover, breaching activities happen on the company’s owned private and confidential data by one of the employees of the business firms.

You may have listened to things about employees have stolen the private data of the company and then sell it to competitors for monetary gains. So, most of the business newly established get struggle due to time-wasting activities of employees, lack of productivity and data breaching activities. Therefore, you want to grow your business and further take it to the next level using employee monitoring software. Let’s install computer monitoring software.

Choose the Best PC monitoring app

The very first thing you need to do is to choose the best of the best employee monitoring app. However, it may come difficult for you to find out the effective and ultimate spy app for computer devices. Why I am stressing on the words employees tracking app in order to track employees working activities on Tech Company’s owned machines. Because the growth of the business stands on the workforce that works honestly for the productivity of the company and doesn’t waste time or get involved in fishing activities. Moreover, all you need to do is to install windows and MAC spy software on your employee’s computer machines and put your worries to rest. Let’s discuss all the steps you need to take for the installation process to grow your newly established business.

Install Employees surveillance app

When you have decided to spy on your employee's activities in order to boost the productivity to generate revenue, then initially you need to visit the computer monitoring app's official website. Then you need to get a subscription online for business monitoring software.

Step1: Subscribe for PC monitoring software

Initially get the subscription of TheOneSpy online and further, you will receive an email alongside the credentials such as passcode and ID. Then you need to have physical access on the target device and once you have it follow the instructions of the second step.

Step2: Get started with the installation process

Now end-user needs to get started with the installation process and when you have done it with. Then you should act on the target device. However, when you are dealing with the process of activation you will have a pop –up message that allows you to hide the icon of the employee tracking app on the target device to make the spying process on the target device sneaky. Once you have ended up with the activation then keep in mind to use the credentials you have got the time of subscription.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

Use the credentials such as passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel and now you can visit the features. You will find features that allow you to spy on all the activities happen on the target laptop and desktop device no matter running with a window or MAC operating system. Now visit the computer tracking tools that I am going to tell you in the following to grow your newly established business.

Windows & MAC surveillance software Features

Website blocking on Windows & MAC

You can use windows and MAC tracking app in order to block all the inappropriate or time-wasting websites on company’s owned devices. You can put the URLs into the filters and your job is done.

Live screen recording: MAC

The end-user can remotely make short videos of the screen back to back in real-time and further get access to the web portal of the MAC tracking app to view the live recorded videos of employee’s activities at the workplace.

User –friendly reports on windows

The user can get all the reports of the activities of the employees within the working hours. The user can get to know windows activities such as email sent/received, activity logs, alarms logs and visited apps and websites.

Mighty alarms

The user can fix the alarms on the target windows device certain activities where employees cannot get access due to the sensitivity of the data. Once an authorized breach happens you will get the alerts and you can protect your personal data to the fullest. However, a user can create data backup for windows and as well as for Mac to by using the computer monitoring app and retrieve all the lost data from the device.


Computer monitoring app is the best of the best tech-tool for the growth of your newly established business in terms of productivity and for the protection of the data stored in the company’s owned machines.

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