We all know that smartphones are really important in our lives more than any other thing in this fast-tracking era. So a smartphone, tablet, or computer can not only be categorized into a hugely productive tool but for sure a compulsive use of devices that cannot be neglected. This is a common understanding among youth even in all ages that these devices can interfere with work, school, and relationships. There are some fools living in this age who even don’t know about the features of honor 9x because this is the latest gadget so far. It is equally popular among youth and elders. So far following are the latest specs of this model:
• Camera with zooming pixels ability
• Large aperture lens
• Full display with cutting edge technology
• Low price factor
Such amazing features are hard to find out on a smartphone other than Huawei models because the labor cost is utilizing by the Chinese company which is quite low. This is actually the main logic behind the price factor that each and every part is assembled in Chinese local markets.
You will be shocked that here today we are only going to discuss another aspect of a smartphone which is quite depressive. Yes, I am talking about the smartphone addiction subject. When you spend more time on social media or playing games instead of making relations with family members then it would be disastrous for your future relations best gaming phone.
When you can’t find yourself comfortable with interacting with real people, or you can’t stop yourself from repeatedly checking texts, emails, or apps then consider this point that you are in trouble. Such a mood has negative consequences in your life and it may be time to reassess your technology use so that to make your life on track again.
Smartphone addiction is an interesting topic because this thing is prevailing slowly and steady in our lives irrespective of the age factor. Maybe I am too biased while considering the age factor but the research studies are the same as I am narrating. Such addiction sometimes is colloquially known as “nomophobia” which is a fear of being without a mobile phone. This thing is injected in a slow manner by grabbing the attention of users.
Mobility factor relation with smartphone usage:
This is often fueled by an Internet overuse problem or Internet addiction disorder that becomes the permanent habit of a customer. We can see many people in our lives that they are sitting with us but they are not mentally present at the moment. We cannot say that it’s the actual smartphone, as it’s rarely the phone or tablet. The reason behind it is just created by the compulsion and actual thing are the games, apps, and online worlds it connects us to.
We can find many studies that can encompass a variety of impulse-control problems that can be found in most of the frequent mobile user’s behavior. The factors that determine such symptoms are including:
People are actually indulged in virtual relationships that are like a bubble of water. We can see that addiction to social networking, dating apps, texting, and messaging sometimes extends to an extreme level. This level becomes so high that they actually feel virtual, online friends more important than real-life relationships. This is a big problem in our youth everywhere in the world because they are too much involved in such matters.
Yes, I admit, children nowadays are using a smartphone in a frequent manner with no aims but just for entertainment. New models are coming into the market like Samsung, Honor, iPhone and many others but this story is never-ending. We should have a clear mind about the actual use of a phone.

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