A country’s future lies in its assets, the young generation. The foundation is the child, who would grow into a responsible citizen and make the nation proud. However a child’s upbringing is of utmost importance and it largely depends on the education provided. Education starts at home, from the family itself. The mother is the first and the permanent teacher, but learning values and concepts isn’t enough. One has to grow in a manner that he/she is able to convert knowledge into wisdom, strengthen self to an extent that can withstand pressure under worse circumstances and not crumble. The urge to learn, the sense of creative thinking, communication as well as collaboration, all are imbibed in a child through school only.

Teaching Methodologies Used by CBSE Schools

Gurugram, being ahi-tech city, sports several up-market schools all around, with almost each one proclaiming to be the best school in Gurgaon in the sector.But formal education being too crucial for your ward, the decision has to be taken seriously after thorough research on important factors. These days, a multitude of schools near Sector 57 Gurgaon have come up; however, CBSE schools are the common choice of parents. The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is India’s national board.

  1. Student Friendly- CBSE course structure is designed in a manner to relieve pressure off the students. The books are made interactive by including different activities for arousing child’s interest in any topic.

  2. No Mugging Up- The board doesn’t stress on just learning the contents of the book, ratherthe stress is laid upon understanding the concepts and implementing the knowledge. Question papers are also designed likewise, so most children are able to clear the exams without feeling the brunt of studies.

  3. High Flyers - Our country boasts of the IITs, AIIMs and the IIMs. Only CBSE educated students at both primary and secondary levels are eligible for appearing in the entrance exams conducted for such institutes at the national level.

  4. Holistic Development - CBSE schools, not only focus on imparting quality education, but also lay emphasis on wholesome growth of a child’s personality. Different kinds of sports and cultural activities form an integral part of the academic sessions. Thus, a CBSE educated child is inspired to become not only a good citizen but a better human being.

  5. Introduction of Smart Classes and Digital Boards – This latest venture by CBSE aims at bridging the gap between virtual learning and real-life experiences. Teachers are now mentors, who would just act as a guide to these student-driven solutions. The teaching strategies are evolved for an enhanced learning experience.

  6. Critical Thinking – A lot of importance is given to challenge-based work, both practically and theoretically to the students. These challenges or tasks need the kids to apply their ideas in solving them. Thereby, every child learns to think deeply and differently.

  7. Maintaining Balance – The daily routine is a perfect blend of studies, co-curricular, sports and activities based upon the concepts. There’s no scope of neglecting a child with any weakness. A child can learn concepts in his own likeable ways.

Top School in Gurgaon

Keeping in mind the above factors, ‘MADE EASY’Group has adopted the CBSE curriculum. Its pre-school chain is already running successfully all over the country. Now foraying into high school is their latest venture. Placed at Gurugram, ‘MADE EASY SCHOOL,’ promises to be one of the top schools in Gurugram. Their excellent professional team believes in producing results. Through imparting quality knowledge based on in-depth experience and research, ‘MADE EASY’Group aims towards nurturing a bright and emergent India. Also, the organization’shumanitarian vision has led to its expansion into different fields like charity and environmental causes.

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