Meningioma is a term that Harvey Cushing had coined referring it to a tumour set arising continuously to meninges area. This tumour is said to develop on membranes covering the spinal cord and the brain within the skull. It is known to occur specifically on the membranes’ three layers termed meninges. Such tumours are found to develop slowly, with over 90% being of not cancerous type (benign). It is in the brain region that most of the meningiomas occur. However, they might even develop on spinal cord. No symptoms are noticed on its occurrence; hence, no immediate treatment will be necessary. However, benign meningiomas growth is likely to cause some serious health problems. In these cases, such growth will only be fatal. Fortunately, Meningioma Treatment Cost in India is very much affordable allowing people of all financial backgrounds to avail top quality treatment at the best hospitals. 

Some aspects about Meningioma

It is regarded to be a common tumour type that initiates within the body’s central nervous system. Women are more affected with this symptom when compared to men. Few meningioma types are classified in the form of atypical and are not regarded as malignant (cancerous) or benign. However, they are prone to become malignant. But some meningiomas can be cancerous, growing very quickly and spreading to the other brain parts and lungs. 


Meningioma causes however, are not properly understood. But two risk factors can be stated like:

  • Type 2 Neurofibromatosis, a type of genetic disorder

  • Over exposure to harmful radiation

The risk factors might also be due to some previous injuries. But this aspect is yet to be confirmed. Meningiomas are found to be developed in those places where there have occurred skull fractures. It occurs in those places where there is noticed scarring of the surrounding membranes. Researchers also have suggested links between hormone progesterone and meningiomas. 

Meningioma development occurs more in middle aged men when compared to men and almost twice. It occurs between 30 & 70 years and is rare in children. 

Know the symptoms

Since majority of meningiomas are said to develop quite slowly, its symptoms tend to develop gradually, in case they grow. Some common symptoms of this disease include the following:

  • Speech problems

  • Numbness

  • Weakness experienced in legs and arms

  • Blurred vision

  • Seizures

  • Headaches


Prior to showcasing symptoms, it is quite tough to diagnose this ailment and is also rare. If symptoms display the possible development and presence of tumour, then the doctor is sure to recommend the patient to undergo a brain scan, CT or MRI scan. Such scans are crucial as it offers a detailed image report and helps the experienced doctors to locate exactly the meningioma as well as determine its size. 

At times, the doctors may suggest conducting a biopsy. All or part of the tumour is removed by the surgeon so as to determine if it is malignant or benign. 


If symptoms are not displayed even after the occurrence of the tumour, then there is recommended observation. There will be performed regular brain scans to determine if tumour is still growing or not. In case, tumour’s growth is found to threaten causing problems or symptoms stars to develop, then there might be recommended surgical remedy to eliminate the issue faced. Craniotomy is likely to be performed if surgery is suggested. This procedure tends to involve elimination of a bone piece from skull region. This way, the surgeon is able to have better access to the brain’s affected portion. The tumour, either in full or whatever is possible is removed. Then, the bone which was earlier removed during the initial stage is replaced in its position. 

Meningioma’s location is what will exactly determine how easily the surgeon can identify it to get access to the tumour to remove it. In case, it is still not found accessible through surgical procedure, then there might be suggested radiation therapy. With radiation, it becomes possible to reduce the tumour size or simply prevent its further growth. At the same time, if tumour is found to be in malignant stage, then the cancer cells can be destroyed with radiation therapy. It will be also used in those tumour parts, where the surgeon was not in a position to remove. Meningioma Treatment Cost in India being affordable allows people to live healthy and happy.


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