Accidents lead to injuries of the different parts of the body and will require getting immediate treatment. One such injury that cannot be neglected or postponed for a later date is to the brain. According to the leading brain doctor in india, it is considered to be the major cause for death in the country. There are also other types of serious brain injuries like traumatic injury caused by helmets when riding motorcycles, bikes, skateboards, etc. 

Facts associated with brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries have been termed to be serious public health issues. A good number of people are found to succumb to brain injuries with some being affected by TBI also. 

TBI occurs due to injury taking place in the head, thus disrupting brain’s normal function. Its severity can be mild, causing brief mental status change or loss of consciousness to being severe, such that causing amnesia or extended unconsciousness period. 

Statistics pertaining to TBI

  • Millions of people are estimated to sustain TBI annually. Most TBIS which occur annually are termed to be of some mild forms or concussions. 

  • Millions are hospitalized and thousands succumb to brain injuries. 

  • TBI rather is considered to be a contributing factor, also stated to be the 3rd among all injury related deaths. 

  • TBI’s leading causes are falls, traffic – motor vehicle, assaults and struck against/by events. 

  • Different types of functional long or short term changes may be caused by TBI, thus affecting emotions, language, sensation and thinking. 

  • It also leads to epilepsy as well as increases risk of contracting conditions like Parkinson’s disease, various types of age related brain disorders and Alzheimer’s disease, etc. 

Getting proper and prompt treatment to brain injuries

The modern age has witnessed the development and evolution of new medicines, sophisticated and advanced medical devices and gadgets, new developments and studies to treat various types of diseases including brain injury. There have emerged numerous hospitals that do boast of having some of the best doctors in the domain and also offer state of the art facilities to promote wellness and to ensure quick treatment and recovery of all patients. In recent times, treatments offered to patients are of superior quality and saving lives has become much easier even for those suffering from severe brain damages caused by some unfortunate accidents. 

Taking care of brain damages

Brain injuries can be of different types. Grievances in several cases could result in brain cell degeneration or complete destruction. Thus, several body malfunctions might take place. There may occur wound caused by trauma or stroke. Such traumatic injury might occur if some kind of external force causes some brain parts to get damaged. It is also observed that some people are born having acquired brain damages, showing effects that are similar to any type of brain injury. 

Treatment should be derived by the best brain doctor in india without any delay and during the initial stages of noticing the issue. The victim is to be taken to the hospital immediately once the damage is noticed. Immediate attention will be required from the health experts to ensure that damage to the brain does not get aggravated, as negligence will only lead to traumatic death. this is why prompt and proper action needs to be taken to ensure that the victim gets treatment and is able to recover from this injury.

Numerous clinics and hospitals have mushroomed throughout the country to offer top quality treatments to various types of ailments, including treating brain injury. Most hospitals do boast of having separate departments to treat such patients and cases. Also are present few hospitals and clinics which do offer treatment to brain injuries that are of emergency. Injuries to the brain can be localized or focal and might damage a major portion of it. Hence, the treatment to be provided needs to focus on the issue in hand and is to differ accordingly. 

In case, there has been an accident where the person had a great fall or is inside the vehicle and he/she might not notice any kind of external injuries. It will be still wise to do a body scan including the brain to find out if there are any internal injuries. Brain damage, if occurs can cause lots of problems and hence should be treated at the earliest to recover faster and get back to normal life.

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