The first ever Currency Counting Machine was invented in China in 1958.There are many Currency Counter Machines but it is important to choose with reliability & efficiency. We buy Currency Counter Machines to avoid errors in counting notes & save our time which is one of most important factor.

The Cost of Currency Counting Machine can tell you a lot about its functionality. Low cost machines has less features & counts low volume of notes. Machines with high price can have latest technology which has more flexibility & can count high volume of notes. There many factors to choose Currency Counting Machines:

  1. Currency Counting Machine has front load & back load as in front you put notes & from back end notes have to make sure it is clean as notes should come out without being jammed.

  2. Hopper Size will help to know how much cash can be loaded if low size then less cash & high size means spend less time in reloading.

  3. With automatic self testing it will run with accuracy & smoothly.

  4. Bill Thick Adjustments will help to adjust tension without without damaging notes.

  5. Speed of Machine processing varies as many high counter machines have quicker functionalities as you can adjust it also.

  6. The counting has three types of features add, value & batch. Add Features will help you continuously add more notes. Value Feature will help you adjust machine to count certain value of denomination. Batch feature will help you determine how many notes to count before machine stops.

  7. Currency Counting Machine will help you detect errors which is helpful for you.

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