If you have ever read customer reviews on online shopping portals or e-commerce platforms, you may have come across the complaints that are logged with respect to the poor quality of packaging. Customers share their terrifying stories about how badly certain vendor handle their products during transit. Poor courier services and inferior packaging material is to be blamed here.

What you can learn from this is if you heavily rely on courier companies to deliver your products to customers, it is inevitable to invest in quality packaging. Why? Because customers judge the retailers for a poor unboxing experience. This is why it’s important to prioritize packaging. But quality packaging doesn’t have to be expensive.

For this reason, kraft packaging has remained a top choice for popular brands, especially online retailers. The biodegradable packaging tick all the check boxes that fall in line with the environmental protection program. Plus, many companies still prefer to use plain white or brown kraft packaging boxes as they like to stick with the natural look.

There are countless reasons why brands prefer kraft over other packaging materials. Some are explained below:

  1. Durability is the Forte of Kraft Packaging

Kraft boxes have a sturdy nature as they are made out of high-quality material. As a result, the demand for this packaging remains high in the retail environment. From triple walled corrugated cardboard to a single layer kraft paper, it comes in various thicknesses.

Pick the one that best serves your customer’s need. This packaging provides perfect resistance against dust, moisture, and stains. Moreover, these boxes keep the encased products safe and increase their shelf life.

  1. Eco-Friendly Nature Makes it Highly Cost-Effective

Kraft is an environmentally friendly packaging. This trait makes it a highly cost-effective packaging solution. In comparison to other packaging materials such as plastic, metal or wood, its material is readily available. Since Kraft is a byproduct of pine woods, it lowers the cost of production too.

You can use it in various ways. Once used kraft can be sent to landfills or recycled. The natural packaging solution also leaves a positive impression on customers who care about the environment and sustainability.

  1. Provides Excellent Marketing Opportunity to Grow

Due to the fierce competition in the retail industry, businesses are aggressively investing in the packaging. Since companies are engaging in various promotional activities to entice customers and increase sales. Custom kraft packaging boxes allow brands to advertise their products in the best way.

The affordable packaging allows business owners to save a hoard of money and create a good brand image. You can easily print your tagline, company name and or logo on these boxes along with other details to create brand awareness

  1. Customizing Kraft Boxes According to Your Need

You can’t be more wrong if you think kraft boxes cannot be customized. The natural packaging solution is easy to personalize. You can carve them in various shapes, sizes, and designs. In addition, you can use different printing techniques to give them a distinct look. Various add-on options like inserts, windows, and handles can make this packaging more practical.

The best thing about kraft is it’s a suitable option for a variety of products such as perfumes, candles, soaps, jewelry, cosmetic, and bakery items. The ability to mold in any shape gives it a special spot in the marketplace. You can use them to design window boxes, flip-top boxes, drawer boxes, display boxes, and more and engage the customers’ faster.

So how you are planning to use kraft packaging?

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