According to recent research, more than 19 million people lose their cell phones annually. During travel, your cell phone is at the highest risk of being theft. You can land yourself in serious trouble, in case your phone is lost, broken or stolen. During the travel, we are so much reliant on your mobile that we can not even imagine our stay at the destination without the cell phone. But it is extremely important to be prepared for any accidents during travel. You must get ready for any unexpected happenings during your trip.


When you accidentally lose your cell phone during the journey, you need to act immediately to ensure fast recovery or take action to protect your identity of holiday photos.

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Either call or send the text on your number

Once you come to know that your cell phone is missing, immediately call or send a text on your number. It is the quickest and simplest way to check out if your phone is still on or not. You can ask help from your family member or a friend accompanying you in the trip, to make a call to your number or request nearby stranger for a quick call.

Make use of a find-my-phone feature

Find-my-phone feature can be availed both in iPhone and Android to find your stolen or missing cell phone. If this feature has been installed in your cell phone and is turned on, you can quickly login into your Apple or Google account at another device and can find out the current location of your cell phone remotely.

Clear the data

If you are unable to trace your cell phone, then you should go ahead to erase all important data as earlier as possible. Although the data that have not been backed up will be removed permanently, it's not a big deal to protect your identity and other personal information. You can remotely clear your cell with a find-my-phone app in both iOs and Android. While doing the remote erase action, if your cell phone is powered off, don't worry as soon as the cell will be turned on, the wiping process will be carried out. If you are an apple user, please keep in mind that as soon as cell phone eraser will be done, your cell phone cannot be tracked afterward.

Go for password change

While carrying out the wiping process, make sure to change the passwords for your email and important apps like online banking or insurance that you have downloaded on the cell phone. If your credit card information is linked with any phone application like Apple or venom, be aware of any suspicious activity being carried out through your card.

Inform your carrier

Ask your carrier to deactivate your phone and data services and ask about the procedure to get a new device for you. Sometimes your carrier can really help you to recover a stolen or missing device.

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Inform the police

It is highly advised to the passengers that they must report to local law enforcement about any property theft. You might be asked about the serial number while registering the complaint. It is highly recommended to go ahead with the police report in case of cell phone theft so that if anyone carries out any terrorist activity through your phone, you might not be indulged in any serious problem at an unknown destination.

Always backup your cell phone before and during the travel, so that your important data and photos are not at the risk of being lost! You can also purchase a charger for your cell phone, that backs up your phone data automatically.

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