What is the Function of the Type Breathers? Why do transformers need breathers? The temperature of the oil type transformer changes due to several reasons which cause the level of the oil to fluctuate. Oil level rises when the load expands and lowers when the load decreases. Oil type transformers are not fully filled with the oil, some of the gaps are left between the oil level and tank cover which is occupied with air. When the oil expands or contracts, air enters or expelled out through the vent pipe attached to the tank. This process is called breathing of the transformer. High voltage step up transformer manufacturer built these type of transformer for the transmission of electricity from one place to another.

The function of the Type Breathers? Air enters the tank through an apparatus called breather which extracts the moisture from it. A breather is a small container that is attached to the vent pipe and contains silica gel crystals which are a dehydrating material. Silica gel used in the breather of the transformer manufactured by the electrical step down transformer dealer in Hyderabad absorbs the moisture from the air that is sucked in during the breathing process.

During the breathing process, the air that comes inside the tank of the oil type transformer available in the market and offered by current transformer suppliers in Hyderabad through the vent pipe may contain moisture and dirt particles which may cause damage to the transformers. Therefore, silica gel is used in the breather so that unwanted particles can be prevented from getting inside into the tank. Silica gel ensures the passage of dry air into the transformers. The color of the silica gel will be blue but turns into pink after absorbing the moisture and dust particles. Once the crystal turns into pink, it should be replaced as early as possible because the absorbing capability gets reduced and its performance rate gets low.

What will happen if the transformer is not fitted with the breather? The transformer won’t be able to work efficiently. Therefore, we can say that breather helps the transformers to breathe, provide the flow of the air from inside the transformer to the atmosphere and vice versa. If you are in need of oil type transformer, do contact Vajra Transpower, one of the high voltage step up transformer manufacturer and get transformers as per your requirement.

Have you ever seen any transformer? If yes, then you must have definitely noticed a cylindrical drum called conservator. Breather is basically a cylindrical vessel that contains silica gel, one of the best absorbents through the non-moist air flow.

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Hope you must have understood the reason of putting oil by the High voltage step up transformer manufacturer in the transformer.


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