Collecting, categorizing, and managing leads, salespeople had to do all this manually. Doing all this manually was accepted practice back then. However, time is changed now. You need not to follow this approach even when you don't want to invest in some CRM. You can use a free Customer Relationship Management solution. You can use CRM software to manage your business relationships and also the information associated with these business relationships. From personal data such as name and address to lead statues, you can easily access the data you want.

Zoho, Salesforce, Prosper Works and HubSpot are some of the most popular Customer Relationship Management software solutions. However, there is no match for the HubSpot. It is already a feature-packed CRM. In case you want some additional feature in the CRM, you can go for HubSpot integration. For example, you can go for HubSpot shopping cart integration, HubSpot PayPal integration or HubSpot Stripe integration. And, there are many integrations available to add new functionalities to the CRM. So, let’s see the top 6 benefits of using HubSpot.

It’s Free

There are many other CRM software solutions advertised to be free. However, none of these are actually free. Either there will be limited functionalities or there will be a free trial period. So, you will not get all the features you need. HubSpot is actually a free CRM platform offering a wide range of features. So, you do not need any additional tool to address your needs. You just have to do HubSpot shopping cart integration, PayPal integration, Stripe integration or any other integration to add a new feature to HubSpot.

Website Integration

The free version of this CRM provides every single feature and options a small business needs for customer relationship management. If you are running a big business, there are many premium add-ons available for you. Website integration is one of these integrations. Whenever a lead comes to your website, you will be notified.

Social Media Integration

You can connect HubSpot CRM to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social network profiles. You can also get useful details from your social media profiles.

Track Communications

Tracking communication with prospective clients is not easy for any salesperson. However, it is not possible to sell a product or service without tracking communication. When you are using HubSpot, you can send emails to your clients directly from the HubSpot platform. You can even record phone calls.

HubSpot’s Marketing System Integration

Apart from the CRM, HubSpot provides you with a marketing system as well. All you have to do is integrate it with the CRM. Now it will work seamlessly with the HubSpot CRM. This allows bridging your sales and marketing teams.

Real-Time Updates

The information is updated every 10 minutes. This means the CRM will provide up-to-date information to the salesperson. As they have accurate and reliable information, salespersons can reach out to a lead very confidently.

Apart from the website and social media integration, you are allowed shopping cart integration with HubSpot, PayPal integration with HubSpot, Stripe integration with HubSpot and more.

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