embryo transfer, A number of couples come to Motherhood fertility centre, which is the best infertility centre in Hyderabad to treat their infertility issues. The infertility specialists working in the Motherhood fertility center examine the patients thoroughly and conduct IUI fertility treatment or In Vitro Fertilization treatment or egg donation or test tube baby process, which process would be best for the patient. Because of the success rate of this Fertility Center in Hyderabad, the clinic is also considered as top IVF Treatment Clinic‎‎ in Hyderabad as well as leading IUI Fertility Centre in Hyderabad.

Embryo transfer is a simple procedure and is often regarded as the simplest and final step of the in vitro fertilization treatment. The main objective of embryo transfer is to facilitate conception following fertilization from in vitro fertilization treatment. To know more about embryo donation in Hyderabad, you can directly consult with Motherhood fertility centre.

After embryo donation process and egg retrieval, an embryo transfer process occurs on the third or fifth day. In case you are transferring frozen embryos, the transfer will take place at the scheduled time decided by you and the IVF treatment clinic. Because it needs prior discussion with the infertility specialist in Hyderabad to discuss the quality of your embryos and how many of those embryos should be placed into the uterus.

What happens during an embryo transfer?

The embryo transfer process normally takes place in sterile conditions, even though anesthesia is not given to you. We use a Valium or other smooth muscle relaxant prior to the procedure. This helps to calm your nerves, it relaxes the muscle of the uterus and makes it an easy place for the implantation of the embryo.

The embryos are loaded into a special catheter, designed for embryo implantation with the guidance of the embryologist. A speculum is placed inside the vagina, which helps to see the cervix perfectly, which will be cleaned after the process. With the help of ultrasound, the catheter is placed inside the cervix and into the uterus. When the catheter has been placed properly, the embryos are inserted gently into the uterus.


You should take the medications that are prescribed by the doctor. To avoid interference with the catheter, the infertility specialists in Hyderabad of Motherhood fertility centre, the popular Fertility Clinic in Hyderabad don’t take anything that is inserted in the vagina in the morning.

Will It Hurt?

It will not hurt you, but you may feel some slight discomfort with the insertion of the speculum or passing of the catheter.

Having an Embryo Transfer, what to do next?

You may be asked by our doctors to remain on strict bed rest for a period of time. Also, you may be asked to inhibit activities like heavy exercise, sex, heavy lifting and tub baths etc. After embryo donation process, implantation of the embryo can be done up to 72 hours after the embryo transfer, so it is very important to remain as relaxed as possible during this time. Never discontinue your medications. Now you have to believe your body and have faith that something wonderful is about to happen.

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