People say that they know all the benefits of LED lights, but I believe that they only have general information and do not know exactly about the advantages of LED lighting in Pakistan. Therefore, I have drawn a comparison of both LED lighting technology and conventional lighting in order to provide complete information.

In the market, you will find numerous energy-saving illumination options, but the real difference is diode emissions there. The LED lights are the best power-saving solution available in the market based on diode emission.

However, this is not the only advantage as the latest developments show that intelligent green LED lighting technology has revolutionized the world. It will help us in saving our planet through low emission of heat into the environment.

Another reason for choosing LED light is its energy-saving efficiency. The experts opine that eco-friendly illumination can only be achieved through digital light with the help of LED lighting. Previously, analog lighting was the only option but now, technology has taken a bigger leap to shift our planet to the digital world and both the users and planet are in the favor of this change.

We, at Baraka, believe that there are plenty of other good reasons for using LED lighting technology. So, let’s discuss these reasons which will also entice you to adopt this change.


Long Life

Long Lifetime is the number one benefit that has changed the minds of most of the people about the LED lights. People were reluctant in purchasing these lights, but when they get to know that the life expectancy of these lights could be up to thousands of hours and sometimes up to 100,000 hours, they think of adopting this technology.

Energy Efficiency

LED Lights are the best efficient lighting option available in the market. You can get almost double illumination in half watts when you are using LED lights. This technology is capable to solve the issue of energy crises in many countries.

Ecologically Friendly

Another wonderful advantage of these lights is that these are considered the best lighting option which is ecologically friendly. When you use LED light, the total waste of heat is only 5% and the remaining is light. On the other hand, traditional lighting sources waste up to 95% heat and therefore, the light is dim in conventional options.


Another quality of LED lights is their durability. These lights can offer amazing results even in the worst conditions. These lights show resistance to vibrations and other external factors. LED lights are rugged and work even in the worst weather conditions.

Zero UV Emissions

Ultraviolet rays have always been a major issue in the lighting technology. UV rays are stronger than X-rays and therefore harmful for the human beings and environment. LED lights in Pakistan has the quality to produce little-infrared light while the VU emissions are smaller in volume.

Extremely Wonderful In All Weather Conditions

LED lights to perform extremely well in bad weather conditions. You may have experienced dim traditional lights when there is cold or it is raining. This is not the issue with LED lights and therefore, you will see these lights in the winter settings and freezer rooms as well.

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