The Only Recruitment Strategies That Attract The Purple Squirrel Candidates

Recruitment Strategies For those of you who don’t know, the purple squirrel is yet another term used by recruiters. Precisely, a purple squirrel is a candidate that has the right set of experience, education, and qualifications to fill the job opening.

In order to attract such a candidate, you have to show that extraordinary thing about the company. What do you do when there is nothing so extravagant about your company? You market it so well that it looks like it is extraordinary. You make the little things that your company does look great.

There are many other things besides the aforementioned tip that you must do to attract top talent aka your purple squirrel. Take a look.

  • Adding perks-

For a while don’t consider yourself a recruiter but a candidate. You have two offer letters with you. One offers you pick and drop facility, medical insurance, food for free and the other doesn’t. Which offer letter would you accept? Most certainly the first one.

So, always try to highlight the perks you give when you write or tell about your company to the candidate.

This will make it hard for the purple squirrel to not to apply even when he isn’t looking for jobs actively.

  • Employee referral program-

The easiest way to attract the right candidate in a relatively shorter span of time is to ask employees to refer candidates for the job opening. This will not just get you the promising candidates but will also make the employees happy.

To get a good response on the referral program, you must have a rewarding scheme in place. For instance, for one referral a gift voucher and for 7 a trip can be sponsored. Use cloud recruitment software to make a template for the announcement.

  • Social media recruiting-

Who isn’t on social media? Infact, Generation Z- the one you prefer the most. So, write quirky and catchy descriptions. Include a great image. It is really important to make your job posting stand out. Otherwise, your purple squirrel may overlook the same.

  • Get flexible-

Tell the candidates about your work culture. Work-life balance is of utmost importance for employees. So, let them know that you let employees work from home for a few days in a month. Allow them to leave early on a day or two, and make your office 4 or 5 days working.

  • Have a short time to hire-

No purple squirrel candidate will be in dearth of offer letters. So, try to make your decisions fastly. Keeping them hanging can make you lose your perfect candidate. Worst case scenario, he can even accept your competitor’s offer letter.

Cloud recruitment software can help you with all the above-mentioned strategies. So, don’t refrain from investing in one. Just like payroll software for small business assist with payroll function; there are cloud recruitment software that can help you immensely in finding that purple squirrel candidate.

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