Sunknowledge also cater to orthotics and prosthetics billing. As a provider, all you want is a proper delivery of your orthotics and prosthetics products and its payment. In any organization, revenue plays a crucial part in financially run an organization. With Sun knowledge by your side, you will experience seamless revenue generation.

Sunknowledge caters to a complete orthotics billing which includes:

  • Entry of Rx order

  • Entry of patient’s demographics and insurance

  • Dx Entry

  • Eligibility verification

  • Collection of complete Rx

  • A complete collection of documents for Authorization approval

  • Submission

  • Rejection/denial management

  • AR Follow up

Sunknowledge:  Orthotics and Prosthetics billing service

Sunknowledge service Inc is the best option, for orthotics and prosthetics billing services. As it is proved that orthotics and prosthetics is a lengthy process, we have highly skilled people using different software. Under one roof Sunknowledge provides proper practice management, revenue cycle, Coding/ billing, Denial management, and AR services. Opting Sunknowledge as your partner in Prosthetics and orthotics billing service will only increase your cash flow. Helping providers concentrate more on patient care.

What makes Sunknowledge different from other medical billing companies?

We have experience in prosthetics and orthotics billing, with track record of 70% reduction in current billing operations cost. Starting with the follow up of incomplete prescriptions to 100% PA submission on the same day is done by Sunknowledge.

We are certified 100% HIPAA Compliance providing real-time transaction audit. Working with us, will also help you in reducing account receivable by 30% within 1 month.  In case of rejection/denial management our team follows up within 24hr with a detailed analysis. A dedicated team is provided for seamless communication. We also customized free report according to our provider’s demand.

If you believe Sunknowledge is the best option for you. Then do get in touch with us. For further information check our website.


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