According to AMA (American Medical Association), the study shown is unlikable. Around 84% of physician complained Prior authorization is a burden and frustrating. 86% reported that, in last five years with changing time the burden and the pressure has also increased. They also reported an average of 14.6 hours per week is dedicated just for this Prior Authorization service.

Now a day’s more healthcare providers are opting for outsourcing Orthotics and Prosthetics Prior authorization service. This helps the provider to dedicate their time on other essential aspects of health care like patients satisfaction etc.

For in-house biller, a normal prior authorization process takes within a 1-3 business day, while few outsourcing organization like Sunknowledge Service Inc guarantees a faster result.  Even it claims of a 100% prior authorization submission on the same day and a faster approval than in-house organizations.

Prior Authorization for Orthotics and Prosthetics is Not a Problem Anymore:

Sunknowledge Service Inc also guarantees a perfect solution for your prior authorization problem. It is a leading RCM organization serving for decades, maintaining the track record of 99.9 % accuracy rate and 80% reduction in operational cost.   A 100% HIPAA HITECH Compliant billing organization working with more than 100 satisfied clients is a perfect reliable operation extension for your orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization and other billing services.

A well-trained resource team and an individual account manager with identities serving 24/7 is what every healthcare provider looks for. Sunknowledge Service Inc gives you the same, along with operational transparency as well.  With no hind cost, it is one of the RCM organization, which specialized in pre-certification. Real-time audit and customized report for daily/weekly/monthly according to clients needs is one of it specialties.

For smooth revenue generation and effective solution to your orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization problems, talk to Sunknowledge experts. To improve efficiency, streamline processes and profitability for your organization visit Sun knowledge service Inc.

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