Take Xiaomi your new MIUI 11 Launcher and from there will support this in mobile phones, we will give you information about this and if you tell us about some of the best and special features then you can read it so that You know about it

What is MIUI 11

If you do not know about miui 11, then here we will try to get you into a sort word. Custom ROM of the phone of MIUI Xiaomi, which you use in MI's Redmi, any Xiaomi phone, it is inside version. Tell him MIUI

And this year in 2019, Xiaomi is going to make its new miui 11 launch, here we will give you catch information about it.

Now you may have come to know about whether the miui 11 is now known to support these phones in mobile phones.

MIUI 11 Eligible Devices List

Mi Series Eligible Devices List

  • Mi 9

  • Mi MIX 2

  • Mi MIX

  • Mi 6X

  • Mi 6

  • Mi Note 2

  • Mi Note 3

  • Mi 5X

  • Mi 5c

  • Mi 5s

  • Mi 5s Plus

  • Mi Max 2

  • Mi Max

  • Mi Max 3

  • Mi Play

  • Mi 8

Redmi Series Eligible Devices List

  • Redmi Note 7

  • Redmi Note 7 Pro

  • Redmi 5 Plus

  • Redmi 4

  • Redmi 4A

  • Redmi 4X

  • Redmi 3S/3X

  • Redmi Note 5A

  • Redmi Note 4

  • Redmi Note 4X

  • Redmi Note 6

  • Redmi Note 6 Pro

  • Redmi S2

  • Redmi Note 5

  • Redmi Note 5 Pro

  • Redmi 6

  • Redmi 6A

  • Redmi 6 Pro

  • Redmi 5

  • Redmi 5A

MIUI 11 expected New features

  • Android Pie integration

  • Smoother and better UI

  • Lighter and faster processing

  • Design upgrade

  • New icons

  • Night mode

  • Mode for foldable smartphones

So, friends, we have given you information about the list of all mobile phones supporting MIUI 11 and if you get all the information here and there are many more questions, then you can ask us at the comment. And if you want to know when it will be launched in India then here we wrote the article MIUI 11 Release Date In India here you can see about it.

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