In 2018 a study done by Performance Management Trends and Priorities in Health Care reported, most of the chief financial officer’s major concern was of cost reduction. The report also claims nearly half of them want, easy report creations with better statistics for feedback. The officers also looked for time reduction and a faster AR.

Benefit for outsourcing your medical bills:

Increased revenue - Trained people are hired only for billing purpose.  Efficient and faster delivery of work is their only job.  An outsource billing company always updates them self with software for efficient work delivery.  Since a group of people is working for one particular account, their primary work is to make sure the denial claims and rejection are less and appropriate information is documented. A certain standard is maintained which include proper inspection in all the process.

Easy to read data statics- In case of outsourcing billing company, they always provide a report on the work and statistics. Outsource Medical billing company gives ideas for betterment, in the area required. This keeps the provider updated on an area to focus. This helping providers concentrate on other areas like marketing and patient care. Wasting time on analyzing the interpretation of medical billing reports will only delay the work.

Secured data structure – According to 2017 breach report, 477 breaches with 5.6 million patient’s records were affected. Even complain ware a file to the US Department of Health and Human Services. It is very important to choose a proper 100% HIPAA compliant organization.

Why choose Sunknowledge as your medical billing partner?

Sunknowledge is a one-stop RCM destination for seamless revenue generation. With no binding contract, it is a 100% HIPAA compliant where every patient’s information is highly secured. Sunknowledge assures you30% reduction in AR bucket within the 1st month. Along with 97% collection in even aging AR and 80% cost reduction in your operational cost. Sunknowledge provides with operational transparency and dedicated executives only for your accounts, serving 24/7 for all your billing problem.

Talk to us over “no commitment call” and decide for yourself. We are just a call away!

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