As you get older, if you fail to maintain a good dental health your teeth takes a heavy toll on them by the time you realize it you loss some of them as well.

But, I am not saying that after reading this you should rush to the dentist and get it checked. It is usual and happens to every one of them.

So, why I am writing on this if it is not an grave issue.


Recently, a report was published in an news named, Poor Cognitive Raises Bad Oral Health. It was published in the Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology.

In simple words the report stated that, people with poor cognitive function has 39% higher chance of occurring tooth loss.

The study was done on more than 4,400 adults. The age group selected for the study was more than 50 years. The average teeth of elderly was between 10-19 teeth.

The study concluded that, they are on the verge of malnutrition, increasing the chances of weight loss and lower appetite. Along with that, they can also undergo depression.

So, what this suggests?

If I get old enough, I will eventually lose half of my teeth, get thin, lose my memory and feel depressed.

This is not an image I planned for my retirement. (emoji)

But, the question is.

Is dental health only for the young ones?

Do we neglect our dental care, when we are old?

Dental Health is something, we care less with time. We give time on our fitness, well-being, hair and our skin.

Because, the impact on the dental enamel show signs very slowly and not repairable in some cases.

So, after reading this what we should do before things go south. I say,

Preventive Measures

In India, older population comprises of 8.6% of the total indian population, according to the census of 2011. We hold the large community of older population and risk of dental health is also high, if we go according to the report.

As a dentist, we need to understand the what to be done to minimize the number and reduce such scenarios.

Start with Healthy Options,

Why I am saying this, in older adults, proportion of nutritious food helps in building the dental health and improve oral quality of the mouth. This includes, fruits, vegetables, grains and cereals, dairy etc.

Water is The Best Source,

Mostly, we encounter water that contains various minerals which helps in maintaining the nutrient quality of the body. But it also contains some traits of fluoride also, which helps in providing strength to the dentine.

In older age, it also helps in retaining the natural teeth as well.

Go South with Sugary Food and Drinks,

As we grow old, everyone have some kind of habit. But here, I am not talking about each and every one of them. Nonetheless, the habit of consuming sugar is also a habit. Like, beverages, sweets, chocolates and other similar food stuff.

After a lunch or dinner, we need to have something sweet. This makes our teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay.

We should reduce the limit of sugars and eat such food items between meal times. it also improves the dental health as well

As they have a tendency to stick, eating between meals reduces the chance of sticking on the teeth.

Smoking is Unnecessary,

What you like the most, A shiny teeth or a discolored teeth. A shiny smile or a mouth puffing smoke.

Its up to you, if you choose the former one then this advice is for you.

Start with an anti-tobacco chewing gum, they normally reduce the habit of smoking within a time-span of 30-40 days.

Quiting smoke, not only improves our lifestyle also makes our teeth less prone to discoloration and reduce chances of mouth cancer.

A Balanced Diet is a MUST,

I already covered that part above that nutritious food  is mandatory to keep the teeth and gums healthy. But do include in your every meal you consume.

The  more you ingest that, the less chances of getting it affected by bacteria.

To top that, also include some fermented food in the list. They are, cheese, butter and yogurt. You can also add some fermented foods in the diet.

The benefit of adding such food stuff is to improve the immune system of the body. Vitamin D not only better the immune system but improves mental health. They reinforces the body's internal defense mechanism as well.

Visit Dentist Regularly,

Visiting a dentist is such a tedious work. It is even more tedious if you are in your older days. It takes whole lot more strenuous on one's body and mind.

But is it worth that effort?

Yes, of Course it is worth that time. Our entire body works on what we eat and how we eat. Mouth which acts a  preliminary source for energy generation.

If it is not in its best, it will affect the entire body at once. So ,dentist visit helps in understanding the condition and what can be done to make dental health right.

Dentist knows what can affect the mouth's condition and what not. A dental specialist can easily figure out one what causes the pain.

So, it is very apt to keep in mind that dental health is not only brushing twice a day or seeing if my teeth shines brighter.

Check-up tells us about very fine details about dental quality and reduces the risk of diseases.

Some General Tips,

These tips are not going to be any new but they are act like cornerstone to avert dental concerns,

  • Brush daily, twice a day. As food stays in mouth, it is necessary to remove as they can start causing decay and affect the tooth.

  • Floss Daily, same concern no food stuff should remain in the corners of the mouth.

  • Use Fluoride based toothpaste, they build the dental integrity more strong and gums as well.

  • Use Mouthwash periodically

At last, whatever I have covered in this article, it is not only applicable to aging adults only but it is applicable to adults of any age.

What my concern is, no matter what your age is, dental health is an part where we neglect the most. We think, brushing is the only solution to keep the teeth in the perfect condition.

But, it is not true.

I see every aspect of teeth is connected with what we eat, how we eat and how we care.

The more concentrated we care for our teeth, the longer will stay with us.

To stay updated with all the information, please visit our dental clinic for more details.

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