Logo Making plays an increasingly important role in marketing. And the brand or product performance needs a graphic to present to be more impressive for the crowd. People can see the logo to identify a company or product, so it is necessary for companies to make logos.

However, for the financial issue, the entrepreneur may have no budget to afford the design cost. It is great to make a logo with the help of logo makers for non-designer with a limited budget. And I just a robust tool to design a logo. That is DesignEvo, which provides a logo design service, and quickly makes my Logo Making. The platform also provides millions of Graphic, hundreds of fonts, 9,000 +logo templates available.

How to designEvo with DesignEvo?

Start from choosing a right-suited logo template.

Actually, You can create your logo from scratch or edit one of the templates already available. For today's tutorial, I decided to click on a pre-assembled logo to show how fast and easy it is to customize what you want.

After I selected the logo, it appeared a guideline box so I could add/change the name, the tagline and choose the text font of my choice.

Customize the logo with Four primary Features DesignEvo provided.


There are numerous font options for logos or your creations in DesignEvo. They are separated by style: Bold / Bold; Modern (Sans); Traditional (Serif); Handwriting and Funny. It also has the Art / Artistic mode to have another range of font options.


You can also add more icons and change the color of the outline. To make it easier to search for icons, DesignEvo offers suggestions and also allows you to type what you want to use yourself.


To facilitate you have a lot of shapes, lines, decorations, banners, solid and leaked images for you to add to the logo speedily and intuitively, that is, just drag-and-drop with the mouse.

What I found very impressive in DesignEvo is that you can change the colors, by parts, in some icons. Even you can choose gradients/color gradients!

You can also modify opacity and size, mirror or flip the image, and use the guidelines that show the positioning of the elements with each other.


Another great feature is the background/background choice. It can be transparent, colored or gradient/gradient, always having many possibilities of color combination - and even angles - for you to create a unique logo.

Preview the logo you have designed

Another impressive function is the preview/preview, which helps to give realism, showing your logo in different situations, before saving or printing the final result.
After you create your logo, you can save which will require you to create a profile in DesignEvo to be able to access your creations whenever and wherever you like - or download.


I think it's important to point out that hiring a professional is always an excellent option. However, I know that many people would like to start their business/blog without having to invest much at the beginning or would like to show the professional a nice sample of what is in mind for their own logo. No matter your intent, DesignEvo is sure to be a great ally to make brilliant logos!

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