Pregnancy brings several responsibilities for a woman. According to research there is always a chance of gum disease in pregnant woman. This disease can be serious for your baby and causes several health risks. Research also says 18 among 100 premature births happen due to periodontal disease.

Now the question is what to do in such conditions? According to experts it’s always better to brush your teeth twice in a day along with your gum line with high quality fluoride tooth paste. You can also visit a good dentist before regency and take tips about your dental care. Dental treatment before pregnancy is always important and it can avoid the risk of premature birth.

Dental treatment

It’s always advised to consult a professional dentist while you are pregnant. Remember one thing dental health always put big impact on your health and also on your baby. To avoid any kind of risk it’s always recommended to take care of your dental health and do frequent check up from a expert dentist throughout your pregnancy.

During pregnancy just take an appointment of a dentist and ask him/her to check your gums and also take necessary tips. Nowadays dentists are highly careful in prescribing medicines especially to pregnant woman. Because any medicines like antibiotic, tetracycline can put bad impact on your baby’s health.

No need to worry much because nowadays dental treatments are safe. One precaution that should always be taken into consideration is avoid dental X-Ray during pregnancy. If it’s highly necessary then dentist should take necessary protection during the X-ray process.

How you can look after your teeth?

Plaque buildup is one of the dental issues which is mostly found in pregnant ladies. Therefore, it is always advised to brush your teeth and gum twice a day. You can floss once in day which will help you a lot to take care of your teeth.

Many women find gag while brushing their teeth especially during pregnancy. If you are facing same issue then it’s always recommend to use soft and small headed brush. At the starting its always brush without any pest for better result then use high quality fluoride paste for cleaning purpose. There many other things a pregnant woman need to take care such as

Drink sufficient tap water. Why you should drink tap water? Yes it’s only because tap water consist more fluoride which helps to give strength to your teeth and avoid decays. Always avoid any kind of sugar drink during pregnancy. Healthy food intake is always necessary during pregnancy. Always eat calcium rich food because calcium is always necessary for teeth and yes add 250 ml milk in your regular diet.

How to deal with food craving and morning sickness?

During pregnancy most of the time you may feel morning sickness which normally leading to heartburn and vomiting. Both these conditions may have acid reflux which can affect your teeth and cause dental erosion. In such case, you need to take care of some special things like never brush teeth immediately after vomiting. Always give some time to recover your teeth from that acid attack. Always use fluoride toothpaste to clean your mouth after vomiting never use normal water.

Food craving can also affect your teeth during pregnancy. Never take any kind of sugar drink always drink sufficient tap water. You can take snacks which are low in fat, sugar and high in fiber. Always rinse your mouth with tap water between meals for better result. These are some of the important points you need to follow during pregnancy to protect your teeth.

In case you are planning a baby, then do look for best dental clinic option near you. The best dentist in India is the one who can treat you well and can guide you in every step.

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