Even though people associate or regard Munich as a land that is all about beer, another important thing that makes it a unique city is the authentic lederhosen. However, other important details make it special, including sausages, historical heritage, a modern lifestyle, historical heritage, and stunning architecture.

This city set on the Isar River, the northern side of the Bavarian Alps, has about 1.35 million inhabitants, and this makes it Germany’s third-largest city. Munich has a classic motto, which goes “Munchen Mag Dich,” meaning, “Munich likes you,” is more like a welcoming gesture. It welcomes millions of tourists annually, who come in from all corners of the globe to enjoy the German Oktoberfest festival.

Munich is also renowned for its iconic attractions, beer gardens, and seasonal events that locals and tourists who attend Fashion Oktoberfest can enjoy. Tourists can enjoy amazing specialties, visit art galleries, and museums. It has a captivating nightlife, which is equally as amazing as the daytime. There are as much as 6,000 licensed establishments, like bars and nightclubs. Yes, when you attend Oktoberfest this year, get ready to experience a unique stay.

This year, when you attend Oktoberfest in Munch, here are some things you should not forget to do!

Wear the Traditional Lederhosen

What’s Oktoberfest without the traditional lederhosen! Make sure that you visit different stores to see the variations they have in Lederhosen For Sale. However, you have to go for the authentic deal, so watch out for the quality, which has to be original suede leather. It should come with a leather suspender; have elaborate embroidered details, buckhorn style buttons, a plain or white checkered shirt, shoes, and other accessories like socks, vest, and a hat to complete the look.

Do Try the Dishes

Do not miss trying the traditional dishes of Munich, like the white sausages, accompanied with pretzels and sweet mustard. There was a time when these sausages were only to enjoy eating fresh, and the tradition still follows today. Of course, you can also enjoy roasts, and so much more.

Oktoberfest is Important

Probably, one of the most recognized world festivals, it is definitely the biggest one too, and one of its kind in the world. Oktoberfest is a celebration that begins in the last week of September. It is an important celebration and a part of the Bavarian culture. It all began in the 18th century when Prince Ludwig along with his princess held a grand horse race. This was important to commemorate their marriage. Ever since then, this celebration has become a festival to celebrate the classic beer, food, and music of Munich. In addition, over 6 million people attend this festival every year.

Visit the Marienplatz

Every year, The Marienplatz is a plaza or you can say a square that attracts millions of tourists to the heart of Munich. Tourists feel attracted to see this tower and the oldest church near it. It is also Munich’s famous open-air market and the home to various fresh food stalls. In the West side of Munich, you will also come across the Nymphenburg Palace, a summer residence that was once for the Monarchs of Bavaria. In addition, you can also visit the famous porcelain Museum and other popular areas like the Botanical gardens.

As you can see, there are several attractions for you to experience. When you attend Oktoberfest, you should also not forget to visit the dance events, theatre performances, shops, parks and so much more. Finding hotels in Munich is easy too, so make sure you squeeze some time to visit the attractions and enjoy the rich culture that it has to offer you!

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