Animation Videos: The New Marketing Tips and Tricks

In recent years, Animation videos are all the rage in digital marketing. Having a custom animated video deployed in the marketing strategy is marked as the best promotional tool for businesses to promote themselves in a way that the customer loves. Factually, animated videos allow businesses to narrate their stories more effectively. According to research, visually imparted information is 60,000 times more easily understood than plain boring text.

Though when it comes to animated videos, there are some aspects businesses must stick to in order to ensure that their message gets across correctly. Getting the wrong message across can tarnish the business’s image. Let’s have a look at some of the new and emerging custom animated video marketing tips to help you stand out:

Tell a story

Customers of today love stories and fantasizing scenarios. Instead of being boring by filling the video with facts and stats, tell a story. The appeal of the story depends upon the nature of your product and the message. The story must be relatable to the viewer and must include a situation, a problem and a solution to the problem.

Make the introduction excellent

The introduction is the part which decides if the customer will watch the video further or not. Ensure that you put in extra efforts to make the introduction of the video inspiring and interesting so that the customer doesn't close without even listening to your message.

Capturing Title

In this busy schedule of today, customers only click on titles that interest them. Ensure that the title of your animated video is captivating, catchy and grasps attention instantly. Use relevant keywords in the title to make the video SEO friendly.

Focus on the message and less on product

If you have put too much focus on the product, customers will get bored and will close the video. A key idea is to focus more on the message being given out in the video.

Use interesting graphics

The graphics in your animated video must be attractive enough to catch eyes and must be relevant to the story.

Make the video mobile friendly

Undoubtedly, a great number of people use mobile phones to access information and making your video mobile friendly is important to increase reach and frequency.

Make the video SEO-optimized

Nothing in the digital world can work today if it is not properly SEO-optimized. To maximize SEO value from videos, write an SEO-friendly description and title of the video including relevant keywords to boost the viewership.


As the world has become digital, the need to have striking and captivating marketing tactics is more than ever before. Including animated videos in your business proves to be very effective in the working of your business because it helps you to grasp attention. These videos are not only visually striking but also conveys the important brand message in a way that the message resonates within the minds of the customer. Follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to excel in this newly discovered marketing tactic!

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