Dermatology is a vast area; from normal skin rashes, Botox, cosmetic surgery everything is included in dermatology. Achieving Prior authorization for conventional medicine is a quite tough and lengthy process. While Botox and other cosmetic surgery which are expensive, achieving prior authorization for dermatology is even more difficult.

For ages, you have to spend money on a faster and easy prior authorization process. As waiting for approval of PA for certain treatment is really frustrating.  Now day’s peoples are becoming more aware and conscious of their appearance. This is why the demand for Botox and cosmetic surgery is also rising. This service digs a huge hole in anyone pocket and achieving prior authorization for all this service is really complicated.

Prior authorization for dermatology requires a great deal of persistent, proactive pursing and thorough knowledge of payer’s guideline and Rx caveat. Moreover, it is a complex process which is why it requires more effort than normal conventional medicine.


Cut Down Your Worries for Dermatology Prior Authorization:

Sunknowledge service Inc with its experience has successfully achieved prior authorization for such area. It is one the leading RCM organization which is successful obtaining prior authorization for dermatology service.

With operational transparency and decades of experience, Sunknowledge service Inc has a specialized section for prior authorization known as PriorAuth online. It is an electronic prior authorization process serving a full range authorization service.

  • Starting from verifying eligibility

  • Initiating authorization

  • Follow up on the request

  • Attaining and acknowledging authorization

  • Scheduling delivery of the drugs

Sunknowledge will prove to be your trusted operational extension and will ease your pain and save you millions in the long run. Sunknowledge expert teams are available 24*7 for your PriorAuth Online service. Check the website of Sunknowledge for more details or call our expert team. We are just a call away.


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