If you are looking for a reliable operational extension, choose Sunknowledge as your prosthetics partner. We are working with some of the best names in the prosthetics space (over 100 clients), offer our functional best practices that eliminate proven challenges in your cash flow as we extend our disciplined support that transpires to an improved revenue cycle management experience.

As a confident healthcare Services Company, our team is versatile across all major practice management/ billing systems and offer a specialized intervention that betters ROI in the best possible manner. For a holistic prosthetics billing experience, we cater:

  • Rx Order Entry

  • Patient demographics & insurance entry

  • Product Code/Rx & Dx Entry

  • Eligibility verification/Authorization

  • Collection of complete Rx

  • Collection of documents for Auth approval

  • Submission

  • Rejection/denial management

  • A/R Follow-up

We are the only company ensuring:

  • 80% reduction in current billing operations cost… instantly

  • Ensure over 90% collections (even from ageing A/R)!

  • Guaranteed 100% PA submission on the same day

  • We do Prior authorization services with 99% accuracy.

  • Excellent references from industry peers

  • Shrinking the accounts receivable bucket by 30% within 1 month

  • Rates start from just $7/hour/ The best in the marketplace

  • Dedicated account manager to get in touch anytime

  • The best productivity metrics in the whole RCM world

  • Customized reports meeting your business needs

Drive your growth with the Sunknowledge advantage! We are a one-stop prosthetics billing destination, offer seamless consistency, dedicated account management and customized reporting support that eliminates any chances of process loopholes, improving chances of recovering money in the best possible manner. Let us work as your operational arm, while you take care of your core priorities. Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity right now!

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