With the advent of technology in the recent past, the standard of living of people has also improved significantly.

Home appliances also constitute a significant part of people’s lifestyle. After the evolving of technology, people have even started to make better and well-informed decisions.

With this, we come to some questions like which home appliances to buy online and what should be considered.

If you were looking to buy some home appliances online such as air coolers, refrigerators and more, then you should consider some vital tips. It will help you shop for your favorite appliances online without issues.

Tips to follow while purchasing home appliances online

  • Are you getting a warranty on the product?

Warranty on your home appliances is a key factor that you must consider while making a purchase online. Why? It is because when you buy a product, you are not only investing an amount but also placing your trust in the services. Warranty is a promise that a manufacturer makes to the customer that it is responsible for what a product is created for. If the product is unable to deliver or become faulty before the time mentioned in the warranty, then the manufacturer should bear the responsibility. Hence, it is vital to go through the terms of the warranty. Some products may not carry a warranty if they are sold online on some e-commerce websites. Hence, ensure that the home appliances that you wish to buy online carry a proper warranty.

  • Check the customer reviews of the product

It is another vital criteria that can safeguard you to buy only genuine home appliances like television, air conditioner and more online. Before buying any product online, you should also go through the customer reviews. Most of the customer reviews listed on an ecommerce website are genuine (look for certified buyers tag against their names). By looking at such reviews, you can easily get to know what people have to say about a product’s performance along with the services of the website. This way, you may get to see if it’s worth buying a particular product from a website or not.   

  • Check the seller ratings

With an increasing number of online shoppers, the number of ecommerce websites is also on the rise. Most of the leading ecommerce websites in India are not sellers but aggregators. The job of such websites is only to list home appliances and other products on a portal that the seller has in stock. Hence, it becomes equally important to check out the customer ratings of the seller before buying. You should also check if the seller is trusted to deliver the product on time and in proper condition or not. Such factors will help you to decide if it’s good to buy products online from a particular seller or website or not.   

Buying anything online or offline is a skill. In today’s world, there are numerous choices, and it is good to be well-informed to make the most of all buying platforms.

The discussed tips must have helped to make a uniformed buying decision.

Buy home appliances on EMIs this summer and save more

Summer season is the perfect time to buy home appliances such as an air conditioner, air cooler, refrigerator, television and more. It is because you get the best of the offers to help you save while you shop.

If you are ready to buy a home appliance, then you can purchase it using the easy EMI facility by not affecting your monthly budget. You can divide the cost of your desired product over a tenor and pay only the fixed EMI and nothing extra.

Being able to pay nothing over and above your EMI amount makes you save big. As a result, you also grab savings as compared to other payment alternatives available.

The affordable EMI facility is available across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India.    

Hence, no matter what refrigerator you may wish to buy this summer, you can buy a fridge on EMI and don’t need to strain your wallet.

Easy steps to buy home appliances on EMIs

  1. Visit one of the 60,000+ local stores across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in 1300+ cities and towns in India

  2. Choose an air cooler, refrigerator, television, and other products and swipe the EMI Network Card

  3. Your shopping on easy EMI is now complete

Even if you don’t have the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can still shop on affordable EMIs. Yes, you can get instant financing by submitting your KYC documents and a canceled cheque at a partner store.

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