When it comes to Oral Health oral hygiene, many people are self-conscious about it. Your teeth are probably the first thing which gets noticed when you meet someone. That is a fact and not something you have heard from dentists. It is that time of the year, wherein you can opt to make positive changes to your lifestyle. Usually, cutting back on fatty foods and alcohol, alongside with more workouts are the standard choices.

How is that? We have known for many years the devastating effects of tobacco on one’s overall health, and this includes your dental health, as well. What most people do not realize is that marijuana usage can lead to a risk of oral cancer and inflammation.

Let us not forget about the stains on your teeth, and a dry mouth, which for a fact is more than unpleasant. Dentists, medical researchers, and other able bodies around the world have brought light to the fact about the adversity of smoking weed. So, it is probably best that you put an end to it right now!

Marijuana and your Oral Hygiene: Adverse Effects

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The effect of smoking cigarettes on your teeth and gums are not so different as compared to the effects of marijuana.

Marijuana and gum-related disease   

Did you know that smoking weed can cause the soft-tissue in your mouth to turn inflamed and eventually to disintegration? This usually will result in damage to the lips, cheeks, upper and lower palette, and the tongue. Severe damage to the gums can lead to your teeth falling out easily and quickly. Did you also know that marijuana is also associated with severe gingivitis? Dentists globally remind patients to take good care of oral hygiene to avoid mouth ailments. Chances of periodontal disease are common which can cause failed dental implants.

Mouth cancers

Cannabis stomatitis is a condition wherein smoking marijuana causes damage to the lining of the mouth. This generally results in oral cancers, which can take the form of nasty sores which do not go away. They are painful to treat and can even be dangerous in several cases.

Weed, cotton-mouth, and sensitivity

Have you ever faced the cotton-mouth sensation while smoking weed or after? It usually kicks in when one is high, which can surprisingly last to next day. These symptoms can continue to be on display even though the effect of marijuana is lost. Cotton-mouth can usually be described as the lack of saliva in the mouth. However, this is not a good thing, as it can result in a whole range of problems in your mouth and stomach, as well.

Losing the color of your teeth

It is probably not a shock to hear that smoking anything is going to have a relatively negative impact on the appearance of your teeth. Chained smokers and heavy marijuana users can expect their teeth to fade and turn yellow with time. Also, the shortage of saliva (cotton-mouth) and decay can result in bad breath.

Reasons on why you should quit smoking weed:

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• Chances of losing your teeth are profoundly low

• If you are facing a gum ailment, improvement or recovery can speed up or as directed        by dentists. Also, in some cases, continuous smoking can deteriorate the condition              further.

• Sensitivity due to deterioration of the enamel can be drastically reduced by doing so.

• Studies suggest, the yellow tinge on your teeth can fade over time.

Dentists always warn you about maintaining your mouth, teeth, and gums, as it is a worthy goal itself. Good dental and oral hygiene can help prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease—and can help you keep your teeth strong as you get older.

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