Last couple of years have enabled gamers (both casual and serious) all over the world in experiencing huge transformation while playing mobile games. This has been possible because of the utilization of latest technologies in creating diverse immersive and interactive games. Developers, designers, artists, animators, programmers residing in different parts of the globe are working tirelessly to enhance the look and feel of the games for attracting and retaining gamers. There are different genres of mobile games available in today’s market. These are: Casino, Arcade, Real Time Strategy, Educational, Casual, Action and Adventure, Board games etc.

In order to develop engaging games for mobile devices you need to consider few vital elements -game development engine, frameworks, tools and technologies. Unity is considered one of the popular game development engines to create games across multiple genres. You need to consult an experienced Unity game development company for creating games based on any one of the above mentioned genres.

In this article we will mainly focus upon the genre of RTS games and see how Unity contributes in its making.

Let us go through the following discussion to know what RTS games are and how they can be created using Unity advantages.

What are RTS games

Real time strategy games refer to those that revolve around utilizing resources for creating units and defeating opponents. RTS games can be compared often with turn based strategy games in which a player will have time to be careful for the next move without any worries to think about the opponent’s actions. On the contrary, in RTS games players while devising their strategy measures have to think as their opponents are also gearing up in similar techniques. RTS games are also sometimes known as real time war or real time simulation games. Some popular RTS games are Strange Gravity, Dungeon Defence, Trench War, Happy Doomsday, Turtles Alive etc.

How Unity contributes towards making RTS games immersive and interactive

You can approach a reputed Unity game development company for creating impressive RTS games because of the following reasons:

Multiplatform support: Unity game engine is capable of importing its games across 27 platforms such as - Mac, Android, iOS, web etc. Because of its cross platform nature, development time required is reduced and the desired functionalities can be incorporated utilizing little efforts as compared to other engines where coding needs to be done separately. This feature helps in making RTS games deployable for large numbers of gamers across the globe.

Feature of Open Source: Unity consists of a strong coding community which goes well with the coders. Any novice developer can easily learn Unity as its documentation is very lucid. The community and code sharing feature contribute in saving time and to come up with precise and accurate codes. It facilitates in creating RTS games conveniently for the game lovers.

Graphic Rendering: As Unity is a multiplatform engine, it supports graphics rendering from engines that use Direct3D, OpenGL ES, OpenGL and other softwares such as Blender, 3DS Max etc. This graphic rendering can also be easily imported for Android, web, Mac and iOS. The compatibility aspect of graphic rendering enables RTS games to be more attractive among large numbers of gamers.

Asset Tracking: This feature of Unity helps Asset Server Control Solution to take care of the game scripts and assets. Features like Light Mapping, Global Illumination, etc. give developers an option to create multiple games belonging to this category.

Red Apple Technologies being a prominent mobile game development company has produced popular RTS games like Royal Kingdom Empire Clash, Legend of Battle Force, etc. for the gamers across the world. These games have all the elements of excitement and fun that gamers can expect in a RTS game.


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