Mobile phones are achieving stranger feats and it’s time we accept and embrace the enviable functionalities on offer. The continued adoption of mobile gadgets is validated by the fact that individuals are emphasizing on getting a new one, every now and then, despite the soaring price points. However, multiple launches within a calendar year continued innovations, and the era of refurbished devices need to be taken into account before putting forth the facts and figures surrounding extensive smartphone adoption. The modern-day customer can readily head over to an online or offline store and buy unboxed mobile phones at highly subsidized rates; thereby satiating his or her desire to flaunt a new gadget. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to infer that a major chunk of the Indian population is willingly replacing the smartphones each year and a similar portion is also vouching for the refurbished ones.

What do the Reports Reveal?

Based on survey reports released by some of the topmost online stores, almost 40 percent of Indian smartphone users are inclined towards getting a new mobile with each passing year. What’s interesting though is that they are even accepting the unprecedented growth of pre-owned and refurbished devices with an open mind, unlike what was the case a few years back. Similar studies further reveal the fact that almost 50 percent of people who purchase a new gadget every year are getting hold of used devices, to minimize the electronic and carbon footprint. Lastly, the exorbitant price tags associated with some of the more premium brands like Samsung and Apple are compelling customers to opt for used devices.

Which are the Sought-After Brands?

Before we move any further with our assumptions and inferences, it is important to note that flagships from Samsung and Apple constitute a major portion of the refurbished and pre-owned smartphone market. The reasons behind this inclination are simple i.e. the soaring price points associated with the packaged devices. In comparison to these two brands, the likes of Lava, Oppo, and other brands aren’t as popular in the refurbished arena. Customers, therefore, are willingly getting hold of an iPhone or a Galaxy- tagged device as they trust these brands more than others. Lastly, social presence is also a factor which is slowly but steadily compelling individuals to rely on used smartphones pertaining to some of the more elite brands.

What are the Usual Price Points associated with the Used Devices?

Based on purchase trends, it can be postulated that mid-range devices and even flagships sell more as compared to the low-end devices. Survey reports reveal that almost 75 percent of customers are ready to spend more than 10,000 while purchasing a pre-owned device whereas only 3 percent seek devices in the ballpark of 5,000. This statistic shows that even in the refurbished arena, the bigger players are showing dominance. Moreover, one can also deduce that people are willingly emphasizing towards technological prowess, high-end features, and exceptional designs more than anything else.

What is Driving Device Upgrades?

The reason behind increased device upgrade count is primarily technological. When surveyed extensively, almost 55 percent of the existing customers revealed that they replace smartphones within a year, just to get hold of newer features and specifications whereas only 9 percent do the same in case of accidents and thefts.

What Future has in Store for the Smartphone Market?

Even in future, the new and refurbished smartphone markets are expected to coexist. With the global refurbished mobile phone arena growing by almost 13 percent in 2017, it is obvious that people are purchasing used smartphone gadgets for fulfilling necessities. In comparison to this, the packaged smartphone market grew by a mere 3 percent. What needs to be understood is that the growth of pre-owned devices will eventually make things better for the new mobile market, especially in the long run.

It is now known why people are replacing their existing handsets each year for getting hold of new and improved ones. While the growth of the refurbished era is the primary reason for this shift, the quality of devices on offer— that too after tweaks and refurbishments is a major factor which readily compels customers to buy unboxed mobile phones from official online counters like Togofogo and more.

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