Websites used to be mainly accessed from computers and laptops. As technology continues to increase and grow, mobile phones and tablet devices have taken over as the preferred device to access information from, and this includes websites. With most websites not being fully compatible with the smaller screens of mobile phones, more and more businesses are turning to mobile app developers in Australia as mobile apps are on the rise.

Apart from addressing the issue of incompatibly with websites, mobile apps also introduce many new features and benefits to users and businesses. These benefits can include increased audience reach, increased sales, increased security and much more. With many platforms out there such as Windows, Android, Blackberry and iOS, the two main platforms are Android and iOS. Both have their own unique benefits, but those benefits all depend on what type of benefits are more important to you.

If it’s security, then iOS is the platform for you. Apple is known all throughout the world for its high security, which makes them the first choice for businesses where security is their main focus. Apple stores all its data on the iCloud where all data is specially encrypted so in the unlikely event of a hacker trying to steal personal information, they won’t be able to open any data that is managed to be stolen.

If it’s price, then Android is the platform for you. Android is more cost-effective than iOS as it has an SDK (Software Development Kit) which is free for any developer to use. This drives down costs associated with development as there is only one registration fee that is required once the mobile app is ready for the marketplace. Developers are also able to test and develop from any computer device once the app has gone live.

If it’s audience reach, then either platform can deliver. Apple is known all across the world, including major countries such as the United States of America, which allows businesses to tap into a larger audience base. Android, on the other hand, has flexibility on its side. The Android platform is not as strict as the iOS platform, which means it isn’t dependant on one central market store and can access third-party market stores. This can also increase the audience reach of businesses but also adds extra sale channels as a source of revenue that Apple can’t provide.

There are many digital agencies that can provide mobile app creation services, so take your time when researching and make sure that you are choosing the right platform that caters to your particular needs. Choosing an agency that has a personalised approach is much better as they will work closely with you to fully understand what your objectives and goals are. This will ensure that not only you are comfortable, but also on track to getting the results that you need. Research what mobile app developers in Australia best suit your needs and create a mobile app that puts you in front of your competitors.

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