How does one become a proctor? Before that, who’s a proctor? A proctor is an individual who is responsible for the supervision of an online examination system for the successful administration of tests to avoid malpractices like impersonation, cheating, duping, forgery, and other practices. He/she testifies the systems, tools, processes, platforms, and the centers for their integrity without any monetary gains related to the outcome of the testing event. That doesn’t mean they offer their services free of cost. It’s just that they charge fees for the services and not for a specific person to get away with cheating or get passed even though he/she is not capable.

A registered test proctor has the below-mentioned responsibilities:

  • Providing a secure and safe test center for test administration

  • Proctoring the exam successfully for as few as one or two students or a whole bunch of students

  • Avoid cheating and other malpractices

Who is eligible to become a proctor for online test proctoring?

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Qualifications: The individual must have a good moral character as well as must not have been a part of any judicial issue involving moral turpitude, for example, deceit, larceny, and fraud. A person who is a high school graduate and is equal to or above the age of 21 can be a proctor. He must be able to furnish the details regarding the current employment and any references such as any testifying credential, employer reference letter, or a teacher’s license. Along with all of these, there are certifying agencies who certify you and provide you with training manuals. You are also supposed to submit a proctor agreement and application form proving your accurate representations of qualifications and character.

Proctor Training: Receiving appropriate proctor instructions and training is as important as having essential qualifications to be a proctor for online test proctoring. You will receive training manual along with instructions with any proctor certification agency you get you’re training from. You have to read them thoroughly to be aware of different practices and checks.

Application and Agreement to Proctor Terms: You must sign a declaration form as an understanding of confidentiality stating you will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of a proctor certifying agency’s proprietary material.

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Request for Examination: After you have registered with a proctor certification agency, you would be provided with a proctor identification. After the examination has been completed, you will receive your test score and credential or certification to testify that you are a proctor for an online examination system.

Now, summarizing the test process:

  • Studying the proctor training manual

  • Completion of proctor agreement and application form

  • Submission of teaching license, professional title, or employer reference letter on a letterhead.

  • Submission of other verifying documents like a government identification document or driver’s license.

Many universities of global scale and certification agencies like Apple and Microsoft are leveraging online test proctoring to test the students and offer the certifications if they pass the examinations. The online examination system is booming!

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