CAR Remapping is a type of car service that has its own pros and cons but is one of the best tactics to enhance the performance of a car.

What is remapping?

Remapping a car involves the process of altering the ECU of your car. The engine control unit of any vehicle is meant to manage functions such as fuel injections, sensors, air flows etc. A little change and overwriting its program with new software can be customised and in return the vehicle’s performance can be enhanced. This is what remap is.

Benefits of Remap

The process of car remap has with itself many advantages associated. Let’s have a look:

  • Reprogramming the ECU of any vehicle allows programmer to release a model that is sportier and superior than the previous one with more efficiently performing engine.

  • Remapping your car help you in getting the most out of your engine by improving the performance, fuel efficiency and responsiveness.

  • Improved engine and its performance further tends to enhance the speed and power of the car. The increase in horsepower depends on the type of engine that you car has in it. With a simple remap you can get an increase of at least 40-50bhp for a turbo engine.

  • As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, it actually depends on the way you drive your car. Rash driving, sudden braking, fast acceleration can negatively affect your fuel economy by making your vehicle consume more fuel. Remapping your vehicle and smooth driving can enhance the fuel efficiency.

Downsides of Remapping

  • If your vehicle is under warranty, remapping can invalidate it and thus it is better to remap your car only after the warranty expires.

  • There are chances of your engine to be damaged once undergone the process of remapping.

  • Remap can increase your insurance premium. Get it fixed by finding a good deal with good investment companies.

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