A neurologist is someone who specializes in diagnosing and treating various diseases related to the brain, Spain cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. There is specialized trained Neurologist in Mumbai dealing with different kinds of cases.

What is Migraine?

This is a disease which involves an occurrence of throbbing pain in the head. It may happen over one side or both sides of the head.

Migraines are primarily diagnosed through a test or procedure. We would recommend the patients to keep a note of the following points:

-    The time when you felt the pain

-    Specific side of the head where the pain occurred

-    How do you think?

-    Till how long you have to bear with the headache

-    Do you think any change in the behaviour?

-    Frequency and reoccurrence of the problem

-    Does the sleeping pattern gets affected /

-    Are you stressed?

-    Any Trauma

The main goal of the doctors is to cure migraine completely. Proper management has to be accorded. Here are a few tips :

  •   Avoiding unhealthy food, such as food and beverages.

  •    Intermediate fasting

  •    Change in the sleeping patterns

  •    Following an exercise regime

  •    Stress management

The variety of medicines that can be taken include:

Abortive medications: They act on the specific regions involving both the brain and the blood vessels in the head.

Rescue medicines: These are counted as pain relief medicines. They will rapidly help to stop the headache.-

Preventive medication: These are the medicines that can be prescribed by the doctor.

The variation of headache may vary from person to person. In some cases, it may involve a hospital stay, diagnostic testing and a surgery. The root cause has to be diagnosed.

  Some easy to do tips:

1    Caffeine: When the migraine occurs, the blood vessels in the brain tend to become more significant. By consuming caffeine, we can narrow down the blood vessel. Straightway diving into the pot of coffee is not recommended. It is often suggested to have a half cup of coffee or start with a black tea.

2      Ensuring a regular sleep pattern :

Having too less sleep or change in the time zones is often marked by higher chances of migraine. The proper design has to follow all seven days ad fixed sleeping schedule has to be set. As adults, we need approx. 7-9 hours of good sleep. Having a good sound sleep can give a significant shot on the health of an individual.  

3  Having more amount of vitamin B: It is often said that vitamins hold a higher value. Doctors have recommended that mixing vitamins with riboflavin can be considered helpful. It is essential to talk to the doctor before including any vitamin in the diet.

4 Eating right and appropriate: We must ensure that with what we must fuel our mind and body. An important note is that we must eat healthily and never skip meals. Some amount of snacks in between can also help to reduce the rate of migraine.  

5 Acting upon the symptoms: In case, if there is any symptom, immediate action has to be taken. Don’t ignore it.

We hope that you could capture useful insights. Take immediate action. Fight back with your pain. Get personalized guidance from the medical experts. The doctor is durable available. Both the timing of the doctor and patient are matched. There are various success stories of different Neurologist in Mumbai. Don’t wait ! Contact today” the Best Neurologist in Mumbai”.


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