In the last one year, you have heard a lot of terms like Digital Currency, Bitcoin, Crypto, Blockchain. It has been a great deal of discussion everywhere on the Bitcoin's burgeoning rate. People became curious, How much is its value and what are the benefits of investing in it ?

Some people understood BTC and adopted it too. Those who embraced this technology while keeping the time embrace, today they have removed a lot of money. But many people named it fraud and scam etc. After that, the people standing there still where they were then. If you are among such people then let's talk before expanding that what is bitcoin ? After that, make your point of view.

What is Bitcoin?

Before speaking on Bitcoin , look at the internet world going into a little depth, if you think that the internet is limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube then you are wrong. The more we are able to think of the Internet far and wide, it is much more extensive than that. Many times more money than ordinary business can be earned on the internet, just need information in the right direction.

In fact, on the Internet you are not limited only to your city gali mohalla. This is the reason that the business done on the internet gives many times more profits than offline.

Bitcoin is also not wrong if you call it Virtual Currency or Digital Currency. Actually, it is a currency that is used for transactions in digital form. Which is based on Blockchain Technology. In such a situation, it is now necessary to ask questions in your mind that BlockChain Technology is what?

In limited words, if you talk about Blockchain Technology, it is a technique through which all types of records can be kept safe and transparent, whether it is the transaction of money or any institution, bank, hospital or anywhere No data about The main point of the blockchain is that once recorded records can not be changed or any kind of disturbances or fraud can be made.

Blockchain Examples,

You have always heard rumors about money everywhere and the news of the turmoil. Many times it also appears that the original paper or house of the property is the name of someone else, but the claimant makes a fake paper and then occupies that place. This is not possible in Blockchain Technology, if house or land is registered in your name then no one can change it incorrectly.

Often, the money given for government work gets more than halfway in reaching the right place. If we are connected to Blockchain Technology, then the money will reach the same center instead of going somewhere where it is going to reach and its safe details will remain forever.

In fact, all the links in Blockchain Technology are connected in such a way that if you want to change a link, then you have to change the previous link to it and when you think of changing the previous episode, even then another episode Challenge you in front of which you can not change this Chain. As its name is clear by Block + Chain

Bitcoin comes back now and knows why it was made why it needed and how it came in the eyes of everyone.

If you want to pay a person or other person from one country to another in the country, you have to face many difficulties for him, too much time has to be stopped and commission has to be given in the middle too. This is the reason why Digital Currency was found to finish all this, and Digital Currency came first in BTC and today it has become the Mother Currency of All Digital Currency. There are approximately 2000 other Digital Currency or Crypto Currency present in the market today.

Who started BTC is a topic of discussion. Nobody knows who has the hand behind it and who he is. Although Satoshi Nakamoto is known as the father of Bitcoin (BTC), but no one has any proof of this nor does the real Satoshi Nakamoto come in front of anyone. Interestingly, the number of Bitcoin is limited, Satoshi nakamoto owns a number of Bitcoin in the present time. It is also mystery.

As we recognize technology, all BTC and Blockchain technologies are accepting. Many countries, considering Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency, are keeping an ATM in mind, keeping in mind the good future. But in some places, no open rules are yet to be found and discussions continue. Our country India is also included in the list of countries that have not yet embraced Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

1 BTC = 10 Crore Satoshi

Talking about December 2017, BTC had become almost $ 19,000, which is the highest price for him so far. The same price was $ 1,000 in January 2017. That is, 19 times increase in just a few months. Not only this, 2010, it has raised more than 1 lakh times since then.

Bitcoin has not shown its momentum in 2018, but big investors and institutions are continuously making new claims of big bounce ahead. If you are also planning to invest in Bitcoin, let's talk now how to Get Bitcoin ?

After Bitcoin, let's talk about how to Get Bitcoin ? Actually, the Indian government has not yet cleared how Bitcoin can be bought and sold, due to which there is currently a choice of peer to peer trading in India. This means that this transaction can be done between one person and another. For which many exchanges are also working in India.

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