A home inspector is designated to look for every corner of your house and is responsible for not missing a single thing. There are many Common Issues For Home inspection. The benefits of hiring a home inspector are endless as the process involves the inspection of the properties foundation, basic structure, plumbing, HVAC and everything that comes around. Once you are familiar with the major flaws, you will be able to make the decision in time.

Though the need of home inspector is increasing day by day as more people are aware of the facts. So, to provide services to the people looking for a home inspection, a number of Professional Home Inspection Companies in Westmoreland County PA have emerged and are functional at their best.

Home Inspection Checklist

When it comes to looking for a home inspector, first you need to know what the process is all about. Here is a checklist of the services a home inspector does inside and outside your building.

Home Inspection report

The structure

Be it a new construction or an old one, home inspection becomes necessary to know how stable your house is. The home inspector is familiar with all the techniques and tools required to provide you with an authentic report so that you can get to know about your property better. Inspecting the basic structure becomes the necessity to protect your life.


The roof provides a structural support to all the houses and you cannot be carefree with your roofing problems. No matter the circumstances are, an inspection becomes necessary to ensure that you are living under a safe shelter. Especially, when your house has experienced a storm or heavy rain, you should take a risk of living under the same roof.

Exterior and interior

A roof inspector is responsible for inspecting every inch of your house and providing you with an authentic report. The exterior inspection involves siding cracks, rot or decay, cracking or flaking masonry, cutting short, everything that comes in the way.


The home inspector is also responsible for checking the balance of the windows, ensuring that they are fully isolated. When the windows are perfectly installed, the keep your house energy efficient and won’t let you run the HVAC systems are the highest point.


A kitchen has a number of things installed in it. From flooring to cabinets, faucets and everything, the inspect them keenly. The professionals are responsible for not letting any pipe leak cause you a water damage. Not only the things that are installed on the surface but beneath the ground and walls as they check everything.


Bath inspection is a little bit critical but not for the reliable home inspectors in Westmoreland County PA who have been doing this for years. From the toilet seats to flushes, draining showers and tubs, the look at everything. They offer a full-fledged plumbing system’s inspection to ensure that your house is protected.

Electrical and gas system

When you let the home inspector examine your house, they explore everything. Yes, they also inspect the wiring, and other electrical and gas system and recommend some necessary changes, if required.

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