If you are planning to get flowers for her at your first date, or you want to apologize for something you did wrong or it is just Valentine’s Day and you think a flower bouquet gift is the best to get but you are confused about which kind of flowers to get; this article have got you covered. Here we gathered a list of girls’ favorite flowers for her. These flowers are suitable for all the occasions like anniversaries, first dates, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and etc….


While pink roses and red roses are the most famous favorite flowers for her, yet roses generally are considered the most romantic flowers from year one. For the perfect bouquet you can either mix pink, red and white roses together or make the flower arrangement with just one color only. The best thing about roses is that you can get them from anywhere and throughout the year.


Maybe you can’t find tulips anytime of the year for they bloom only in spring, but still this makes tulip a special flower for the spring dates. Gift her a big bouquet of different shades and colors of tulips to impress her. The secret about tulips are their bright, cheerful colors and scents which make them a girl’s all-time favorite.


A daisy is a girl’s best friend. A bouquet of daisies is guaranteed to make any girl happy. The colors of daisies makes the bouquet special and cheerful. White daisies are the most famous ones but if the recipient is more into colors then a mix of pink, yellow, purple, and red daisies will do the job perfectly and covey your message.


Peonies are the most used flower in wedding bouquet. This makes is for sure a girl’s favorite. They are a bit costly and that is because they are not available all year long just like tulips. Peonies bloom around April to June and that makes them more special and their bouquets stands out in the flower bouquets crowd.


Orchids symbolize femininity, love and beauty. They look perfect and has a perfect smell as well. If you want to surprise her in a luxurious way then a bouquet of orchids will be your best choice. Some florists say that orchids are the new roses.

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